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February 8, 2024
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Welcome to another in-depth article from Levi Keswick; our focus remains the dynamic and innovative fashion industry positioned in Zoetermeer, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands. In an age when sustainability and inclusion are high on the agenda, these companies continue to redefine how we perceive and participate in the world of fashion. This article spotlights companies with a unique fusion of creativity, entrepreneurship, and individual concepts that comprise the essence of their brand identity. Let’s take a closer dive into these intriguing players in the fashion world.

As an online-fashion hub, Zoetermeer provides home to a diverse range of companies. From those that revolutionize shopping experiences with technology, redefine personal branding services, to those that curate fine jewelry, shoes or more abstract items such as leather feathers. They all contribute to the area’s vibrant fashion ecosystem. This diversity challenges traditional concepts of fashion, broadening its appeal and influence through the integration of technologies, digitalization, e-commerce, and sustainability.

Even further, the companies herein are not merely brought together geographically but share an uncompromising commitment to quality. Zoetermeer witnesses the convergence of style and practicality with companies offering wearable, comfortable, and yet fashionable items. In highlighting each of these companies, we invite you to explore a world of fashion diverse in innovation and entrepreneurship, right from the heart of Zuid-Holland.


Promiss is a company operating in the fashion, personal branding, and service industry. Their services aim to enable individuals to showcase their character through their fashion choices. Combining fashion with individualistic expression, Promiss is attuned to the contemporary woman’s needs. Find out more about their activities on their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

Well Dressed

Integrating technology and fashion, Well Dressed offers a fashion application that provides style advice tailored to both user’s fashion preference and weather condition with the potential consideration for budget. An exciting embrace of technology in the fashion ecosystem, learn more about the company here.


In the world where fashion and lifestyle converge, VEGA-LIFE offers a distinct solution. Operating in the E-Commerce, Fashion, and Lifestyle industry, the company explores a new dimension of fashion and lifestyle integration. Stay updated through their Facebook or Twitter.


Specializing in Women’s fashion, Belle1983 offers a range of fashion items that include jewelry, shoes, and other retail items. As an e-commerce platform, Belle1983 is accessible to individuals globally. Stay connected with them through a visit to their Facebook page.


Speaking to the lovers of accessories, Capricci provides an online platform specializing in jewelry. Their intriguing collection of jewelries is available for purchase through their portal, explore more about them through their Facebook page.

Divoza Ruitersport Zoetermeer

A fashion company with a niche, Divoza Ruitersport Zoetermeer specializes in equestrian-related fashion and sports items. Access their collection via their Facebook page.

Leather Feather

Offering a distinct sense of style, Leather Feather curates unique fashion items that include jewelry made from leather and feathers. Visit their Facebook page to experience their unique collection.


River20four offers a children’s fashion line. They passionately combine fun, functionality, and style to make sure your kids stand out. Visit their Facebook page for more insights.

Smile & Wave

Smile & Wave takes a unique approach to fashion by integrating art into its offerings. As an e-commerce store, they offer artistic and fashion items that might be your absolute delight. Visit their website to learn more.


Involved in the world where fashion intersects with eyewear, Verweij provides a stylish and quality range of sunglasses. Visit their website to explore their eyewear collections.


Combining the love of tea with fashion and gifting, BRIFLEURI explores a unique offering. Visit their Facebook page to see their distinctive approach to fashion and lifestyle.

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