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Queries can be submitted via email to [email protected]. (You can also reach us on our social media platforms found in the header).

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Media Inquiries

The editorial team and contributors at Levi Keswick, who operate remotely from various global cities, are open for interviews.

To arrange an engagement, please reach out to the Levi Keswick press team: [email protected].

Advertising Inquiries

For inquiries about advertising opportunities with Levi Keswick, please contact [email protected] with questions to find all the necessary information to connect your brand with our discerning audience.

Learn more about our advertising opportunities here.

We offer a variety of advertising options tailored to your needs, ensuring alignment with our ethos. Trust in our platform is paramount; thus, we endorse advertisers who share our commitment to fashion and quality. Reach out to explore how your brand can benefit from the Levi Keswick seal of approval.

Editorial Rights & Permissions

Questions regarding editorial rights and permissions for online and print materials can be directed to our team: [email protected].

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About Levi Keswick

LeviKeswick serves as a vibrant hub for diverse individuals to share their stories, absorb and contribute to emerging fashion trends, lifestyle concepts, and innovative ideas. We offer valuable insights and advice, amalgamating information painstakingly curated by experts in the field, alongside fashion connoisseurs and influential social media personalities.

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