Exploring Tirupur’s Fashion Giants: Levi Keswick’s Pioneering Influence in India

February 8, 2024
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Fashion in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, is more than just a style statement; it’s a thriving industry that contributes significantly to India’s economy. Known as one of the leading textile hubs in India, it is home to many garments and textile manufacturers. The city is especially well-regarded for its specialty in knitwear. Over the years, Tirupur has established a firm global presence, marketing its high-quality products to countries all over the world. Here, we shine the spotlight on some of the best Tirupur fashion companies that are setting trends while adhering to sustainable and ethical business practices.

JJ Mills

Established in 1971, Jay Jay Mills is renowned for its cotton knitwear. They primarily cater to infants and toddlers, producing quality apparel and home products. The company exports to leading brands and retailers in the United States and Europe. Operational centers are spread across India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia. Connect with JJ Mills on LinkedIn.

Eastman Exports

Eastman Exports is a big name in the Indian fashion manufacturing industry. The company’s standing in textiles is global, with their designs being recognized for both style and quality. Stay connected with them on Facebook , LinkedIn and on Twitter at @eastmanexports.

Jupiter Knitting Company

Jupiter Knitting Company is another reputed establishment operating out of Tirupur. Not only does it cater to the fashion industry, it also provides management consulting services. Stay updated with them on Facebook.

Sree Santhosh Garments

Sree Santhosh Garments has a wide spectrum of products catering to the needs across the value chain. Their LinkedIn page can be found here.

Cotton Monk

Cotton Monk is noted for their holistic approach towards garment production. They provide complete package services from product development, designing, and weaving to embroidery and custom packaging. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Scotts Garments

Founded by Naseer Ahmed, Scotts Garments is a leading textile manufacturer providing high-quality fashion that has global appeal. Stay in touch with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Indian Flower

Indian Flower is an e-commerce platform dedicated to women’s wear. They provide a vast selection of leggings, denim, fashion wear, top wear, and more. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter (@indianflowerIN), and Facebook.

Best Corporation

Best Corporation offers a varied range of knitted garments for men, women, and children. In addition to manufacturing, they have an integrated textile operation. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Founded by Karthik Shan, Synerg is a multi-faceted organization engaged in the manufacturing of various types of apparel. They deal with both private labels and white labels. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter (@synergindia), and Facebook.

Ventra Fashions

Ventra is a one-stop shopping platform for children’s wear, offering a range of fashionable and comfortable garments, including unique organic clothes. Stay updated with their latest collections on Twitter at @ventrakidswear.

Sunrise Creations

Sunrise Creations offers an extensive product line including t-shirts, polo t-shirts, hoodies, and woven t-shirts. Their LinkedIn page can be found here.

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