Shining Spotlight: Leading Fashion Houses in City of Industry, California

February 8, 2024
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Located in the heartland of diverse industries, City Of Industry, California is a melting pot of some notable fashion and luxury companies. These organizations exude a blend of sartorial elegance, groundbreaking technology, and sustainable manufacturing processes. This series focuses on these companies, their stories and how they are shaping the fashion and luxury world from the City of Industry.

The companies outlined in this article represent various segments of the fashion industry, from ecommerce fashion platforms and biotechnology companies introducing sustainable packaging to plus-size women’s apparel and intimate brands. While their offerings and operations might differ, they all share a common bond – a commitment to delivering the best in the industry, bolstered by their California roots.

Their commitment to quality, style, sustainability, and embracing technological advances in their operations makes these companies the vanguard of the fashion industry. Let’s dive-in and explore their exciting narratives.

Mi Terro

Mi Terro, co-founded by Robert Luo, operates in the biotechnology and clean tech sectors and has a unique twist on fashion and lifestyle. The company manufactures ocean degradable and home compostable flexible packaging materials made from agricultural waste. With technology that can potentially apply to any type of agricultural by-products and surplus food, Mi Terro is stepping up to replace petroleum-based materials with protein-based materials made from agricultural waste. You can connect with Mi Terro on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Christopher LaPolice and Rea Laccone, Vince is an ecommerce fashion brand synonymous with effortless style and iconic essentials. Its hub on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn offers a glimpse into the brand’s modern luxury.


Torrid Holdings is a distinct brand operating in the e-commerce, fashion, and lifestyle industries. This company stands tall as a direct-to-consumer brand of women’s plus-size apparel and intimates in North America. Follow their journey at Twitter and Facebook.


Founded by Jing Zeng, J.ING operates within the e-commerce platforms, fashion, and retail sectors. The company maintains an active presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Kellwood Co.

Co-founded by Caren Lettiere, Kellwood Co. operates within the fashion and manufacturing industries. Kellwood designs, manufactures, and markets a growing collection of premier fashion brands. Find out more about Kellwood Co. on its Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn platforms.


Shoetopia charts its journey in the e-commerce, fashion, and women’s retail sectors. Follow its stories on Twitter and Facebook.

Lip Smacker

Lip Smacker operates within the beauty, fashion, and sales world. Engage with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Fortune Dynamic

Operating within the fashion, shoe, and wholesale sectors, Fortune Dynamic has a strong story that you can follow on Facebook.

Leg Avenue

Leg Avenue operates in e-commerce, fashion, and lifestyle sectors and shares their journey on Twitter and Facebook.

JP Original

Active within the consumer goods, e-commerce, fashion, and wholesale sectors, JP Original connects with its followers on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Swatfame operates within the consumer goods, fashion, and retail industries. Keep up with their progress on Facebook.

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