Vienna’s Fashion Scene: Exploring Levi Keswick’s Trendsetting Austrian Headquarters

February 8, 2024
2 mins read

Welcome to the second installment of our company spotlight series for Levi Keswick, where we turn our attention to the high-fashion industry based in Vienna, Austria. The Austrian capital is not only home to architectural marvels and stunning scenery, but it also hosts a collection of top-notch fashion firms that have transformed Vienna into a fashion hub. From AI to E-commerce and retail, these companies bring the best designs and trends to customers worldwide. Their impressive contribution to the fashion industry is why we have selected them for our company spotlight.

Through this series, we will provide an in-depth exploration of these businesses, their founders, and their impact on the fashion industry. Featuring their notable achievements, unique selling propositions, and impact on local and global markets. All of this will be presented alongside the pertinent social links and online presence of each company, providing readers with a comprehensive overview of what’s happening in the Viennese fashion industry. So without further ado, let’s delve into our directory of design-based darlings.

Before we proceed, it’s worth noting that an intriguing array of industries intertwines with fashion. The companies featured in this article point to a future where technology and tradition go hand-in-hand in the industry.

Signa Retail

Founded by René Benko, Signa Retail is an umbrella company for various successful German businesses such as The KaDeWe Group,, and Karstadt Warenhaus, to name a few. Leading the industry with over 20,000 employees at more than 100 locations, Signa Retail has an impressive yearly turnover of EUR 3 thousand million. Follow them on Linkedin or Twitter.

Artificial Intelligence, E-Commerce, and Fashion converge in Founded by Liuba Rukhtaeva, Luliia Diachuk, and Nadya Ivanova, they provide a worldwide platform for female startup founders offering unique goods and services. Their competitive edge lies in the incorporation of AI, machine learning, and an expert grasp of fashion trends.

WeDress Collective GmbH

Under the leadership of founder Jasmin Huber, WeDress Collective GmbH has developed a thriving P2P Fashion Rental Platform. Access their latest collection on Facebook.


Residing at the intersection of E-commerce and Fashion, Sneakit provides a platform dedicated to lovers of footwear.


IFDAQ, an initiative by Daryl De Jori, foregrounds the use of AI to bring deep insights and analytics about the fashion industry. Stringent analysis methods, combined with machine learning, deliver an evolving ecosystem that accurately measures market value. Stay updated with IFDAQ through their Facebook or Linkedin.


Harboring an elegant collection of lifestyle and fashion products, BAMBINIFASHION is high-profile in the E-commerce stage of Vienna. Connect with them on Facebook or Linkedin.

Salesianer Miettex

Founded by Magdalena Wittmann, Salesianer Miettex brings innovation and quality to the laundry and dry-cleaning industry with their state-of-the-art facility. Follow them on Facebook or Linkedin.

From beauty news and editorials to lifestyle narratives and fashion trends, delivers relevant content to their growing audience. Catch their latest updates through Facebook or Twitter.


Created by entrepreneur Michael Taucher, dropt is an online platform where private individuals can buy and sell unwanted items, with the company conveniently dealing with all delivery concerns. Connect with them on Facebook or Linkedin.

Sharobella – Webagentur & E-Commerce Experte in Wien

Founded by Michael Elyav, Sharobella provides excellent user interfaces using high-end technologies. Connect with the agency on Facebook or Linkedin.

Firusas by 4Jahreszeiten

Founded by Michael Elyav, Firusas delivers luxury customer experience while offering premium fashion brands across Europe at the best price. Visit their Facebook or Linkedin for more.

In conclusion, these Vienna-based firms are pushing the boundaries of fashion, leveraging modern technologies to bring exquisite designs and top-notch services to a global audience. Stay tuned for our next company spotlight installment.

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