Elche’s Fashion Scene: Showcasing Levi Keswick’s Spanish Luxury Collections

February 8, 2024
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Introducing a series that will highlight leading companies in the world of fashion whose head offices are based in Elche, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain. Known not only for its sun-soaked beaches and palatable paella, this Mediterranean gem has evolved into a hub for established and emerging industry powerhouses. The assortment of brands discussed here penetrate diverse sectors within the fashion scene, from luxury couture and fitness apparel to avant-garde footwear and premium accessories. With an ensemble of exquisite products and services, these companies continue to push the stylistic envelope while contributing significantly to the local economy.

This selection of companies demonstrates the diversification that is present within Elche’s fashion industry – established factories of beloved sportswear lines, bootstrapping startups with a sustainable approach, and e-commerce behemoths all call this region home. While distinct in their individual focuses, these companies all share the coveted made-in-Elche seal of approval, as well as the same unyielding commitment to quality and distinctiveness. A considerable concentration on digital commerce has allowed an array of residents and far-flung fashion aficionados to enjoy pieces of Elche, despite geographical limitations.

Get ready to discover some beloved brands as well as some budding enterprises whom you’ll soon fall in love with from this European style capital. And who knows, the next addition to your wardrobe or footwear collection may just hail from Elche.


Kelme, a treasure in the sports footwear industry, was brought to life in 1977 by Diego and José Quiles. The company, which specializes in the design, production, and distribution of sportswear, footwear, and equipment, has carved its niche within the team sports sector, especially soccer. The primary office of Kelme, whose enduring commitment to quality and fashion trends drives their global operations, is situated in Elche. Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Hoff, a reliable presence in the realms of e-commerce and fashion footwear, operates from the heart of Elche. You can connect with Hoff on their Facebook page and their LinkedIn account.


For those seeking luxury and sustainability, MCWATCHESCO. offers an innovative concept of a luxury brand that’s sustainable over time. The company, founded by Gregorio Punzano, is passionate about the transition of the world towards sustainable luxury. Stay up-to-date with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Aspalete, a premium clothing brand headquartered in Elche, focuses on fitness and Crossfit gear. Founded by Gregorio Punzano in 2016, it often releases limited collections to focus on its community and those who appreciate its unique value. Find Aspalete on their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages.

AG Shoes

Seekers of premier-quality shoes need look no further than Elche-based AG Shoes. For updates, you can find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Panama Jack

The famed Panama Jack, another giant in the world of fashionable shoes, also counts Elche as its home base. Explore their collections and follow their journey on their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profiles.

JD Sprinter Holdings 2010 SL

JD Sprinter Holdings 2010 SL, based in Elche, specializes in the retail of sportswear, outdoor clothing, and related equipment.


D.Franklin, entrenched in the fashion, manufacturing, and shoes industry, operates out of Elche. Stay connected with D.Franklin on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Meiva Shoes

Offering an array of slippers, flat sandals, heels, and more, Meiva Shoes is a prime source for footwear, based out of Elche. Follow them on their Facebook or Twitter to stay updated!

Grupo Illice

Grupo Illice, a company involved in consumer goods, fashion, manufacturing, and product design, operates out of Elche. Stay in touch with them via their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.


Specializing in the retailing of a variety of clothing items and fashion accessories, BeUrbanRunning stays true to its Elche roots while expanding logically on a global scale. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to learn more about their exciting products.

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