Going Green: Tips for a More Sustainable Summer

Going Green: Tips for a More Sustainable Summer

July 1, 2021
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When push comes to shove, beginning to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle isn’t the easiest endeavor. Change is possible, but it undoubtedly takes time. Regardless, the best time to start helping the planet is right now—when all signs point to summer. This season, you can make eco-conscious choices that positively affect yourself, your home, your community, and your Earth. Here’s what you need to know about going green and tips for a more sustainable summer.

Eat Seasonally, Shop Locally, and Consume Responsibly

If you’re aware of the seasonal availability of diverse fruits and vegetables, show that fresh produce some much-deserved love. Picking up a few items at the local farmer’s market not only supports the economy of the community but also reduces fossil fuels from imported food travel. The icing on the cake is the clear-cut nutritious value. Fruits and veggies offer higher vitamin and mineral contents to keep your energy boosted on the hottest of days.

This season is perfect for eating light and choosing plant-based meals to enjoy satisfyingly throughout the week. If following a vegan or vegetarian diet isn’t currently in the cards, try to incorporate assorted meatless meals when you can. A good time for doing so is while you’re eating al fresco. Picnics and barbecues are synonymous with summertime, and plenty of salads and meat-free grilling options are fantastic alternatives.

Conserve Water

Water waste remains a major environmental concern, especially during increasingly hot and dry months of the year. Water is a precious natural resource that people often carelessly expend. If you’re focused on going green, don’t overlook your personal water consumption. How can you support the cause? As one of the tips for a more sustainable summer, be sure to follow the basics: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

If you haven’t already ditched plastic for reusable resources, kick off the practice now with reusable water bottles to stay hydrated. Use energy-efficient appliances, wash laundry in cold water, and let dishes air-dry. Plant native species, collect rainwater for gardens, and limit irrigation.

Make the Switch to Electric

Considering going electric? You’ll contribute to vital change. Any innovative device or product that doesn’t emit gas exhaust is the way to go to reduce your emissions. To minimize your carbon footprint, consider investing in electric lawn care such as mowers and weed whackers. Don’t forget about your transportation. If an electric car isn’t in your sights, choose to cycle instead of driving every time. Take advantage of the eco-friendly aspect of e-bikes to accomplish as much on your to-do list as possible. Or, you can take a fresh-air, mood-boosting jaunt around the neighborhood.

With these categorized practices in mind, make this summer the most sustainable yet. By shifting your mindset, you can consciously protect the fullest of what Mother Nature has to offer—and still keep up with your lifestyle.

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