What To Look For in a Dog Boarding Service

What To Look For in a Dog Boarding Service

July 1, 2021
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Unfortunately, your pampered puppy can’t come with you everywhere you go—and sometimes that means you’ll be separated by hundreds of miles while you’re on vacation! Finding the best place to give your dog a holiday of their own can be a challenge, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the dog hotels that are around you. Knowing exactly what to look for in a dog boarding service will ensure that you leave Fido with the perfect caretakers while you’re away.

No Cages

If you want the perfect getaway for your pup, it shouldn’t be somewhere that they’ll remain in a cage during their entire stay. No owner likes to imagine a reality where their dog stays in a cage for a week or more with minimal socialization—they should have plenty of free time to run and play with other dogs and their caretakers! Search for a dog boarder that advertises cage-free boarding if you want them to receive the same treatment that you’d give them at home.

They Allow You to Tour Their Facility

It’s hard to feel comfortable leaving your dog somewhere without knowing what things look like behind the reception hall. An excellent dog boarding service will not only be wholly transparent with you as far as what they offer, but they’ll also allow you to take a tour of the facility to make sure it’s the right fit.

During the tour, you’ll learn everything you need to know about boarding there and meet faculty members. If any of them rub you the wrong way or you see dog treatment that you don’t like, you’ll know right away!

Search for Luxurious Extras

You’re not just searching for minimal care when you’re figuring out what to look for in a dog boarding service—you’re also looking for extra treatments that would make any other dog jealous of yours. Make sure your puppy gets a five-star spa treatment while boarding. Opt into on-site grooming so they’ll get a bath, brushing, nail trim, and ear cleaning during their stay. If the boarding service offers specialty food for your dog, it’ll be an even better fit for your dog’s luxurious tastes.

Even though you may have to leave your dog’s side for your own decadent trip, you can rest easy knowing they’re safe when you spend time finding just the right dog boarding service. Gift your precious puppy with a vacation of their own!

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