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January 30, 2024
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Located in the heart of the Midwestern United States, Chicago is a vibrant city that is known not only for its rich cultural heritage and iconic architecture but also as a thriving hub for innovative businesses. This bustling city boasts a dynamic art industry which is underpinned by a multitude of companies with their roots firmly planted in a diverse range of sectors such as artificial intelligence, healthcare, and biotechnology among others. This article part of an exciting series, will delve into an assortment of established, emerging, and innovative companies in the art industry which proudly call Chicago their home.

Chicago has grown to be globally recognized as an art industry capital, providing a fertile environment for innovation and inspiration. The city provides not just an essential cultural infrastructure, but also state-of-the-art technological capabilities that foster creativity and advance modern art practices. Companies based here are redefining the boundaries of traditional industries, pioneering new technologies, and driving change on a global scale.

From niche startups providing outstanding niche solutions in the world of art to broader based technology platforms that utilize machine learning techniques to benefit the precision health sector, the City of Chicago fosters an all-encompassing environment for pioneering companies to thrive. Let’s take a look at some of the top companies in the art industry who chose Chicago as their home city.


Co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus is an innovative artificial intelligence company that seeks to revolutionize healthcare through the application of AI. With one of the largest libraries of clinical and molecular data in the world and operating systems designed to make this data accessible, Tempus aims to enable physicians to make real-time, data-driven decisions. Currently, Tempus is working towards making personalized healthcare a reality, while also helping other companies discover, develop, and deliver optimal, data-driven therapeutics.

Uptake Technologies

Uptake Technologies is a trailblazing tech firm established by Bradley Keywell. This tech powerhouse specializes in the development of predictive analytics platforms that are capable of transforming raw data into insightful knowledge across various industries. Uptake’s advanced platform offers critical guidance on equipment monitoring, diagnostic troubleshooting, and event prediction, paving the way towards improved uptime and operations.


With co-founders like Doug Morse-Schindler and Justin Holland at the helm, HealthJoy is revolutionizing the way companies handle their employees’ benefits. HealthJoy’s AI-powered platform allows for personalized, in-depth guidance across a wide range of benefits, helping employees better understand and make use of their benefits. The firm’s innovative solution also saves companies money and eases the workload of human resource departments.


QuillBot, co-founded by Anil Jason, David Silin, and Rohan Gupta, is an AI-powered writing collaborator. Leveraging AI paraphrasing technology, QuillBot assists users in improving their writing by reconstructing content to enhance the clarity of the intended message. This smart tool is raising the bar in content creation, enhancing the overall writing experience for over a million users around the globe.

Koios Medical

Koios Medical is a leading company in the field of healthcare, specializing in the development of ultrasound image analysis platforms aimed at early disease detection and diagnosis. The company is dedicated to delivering software medical device products that meet or exceed customer expectations and regulatory requirements.

CCC Information Services

CCC Information Services, a pioneering tech firm founded by Howard Tullman, is striving to redefine the future of property and insurances services. CCC Information Services transforms data into meaningful workflows and customer experiences through their inherently advanced creation of AI, IoT, and workflow management systems.

Food Rocket

Food Rocket is an AI-powered rapid grocery delivery startup founded by Vitaly Alexandrov. Utilizing AI techniques to manage warehouse stocks and optimize delivery time, Food Rocket is revolutionizing the grocery shopping experience by delivering your groceries to your doorstep within a mere 15 minutes of placing an order.

Narrative Science

Narrative Science, co-founded by Kristian Hammond, Larry Birnbaum, Nick Beil, and Stuart Frankel, is a leading AI firm that specializes in transforming complex data into easy-to-understand narratives. Their AI-powered technology provides businesses with actionable insights and creates comprehensive reports to facilitate decision-making processes.


Under the helm of its founder, John-Isaac Clark, Arturo is a pioneering firm in the development of deep learning-focused data analytics. The company specializes in creating predictive data and measurement tools using its AI analytics capabilities, aiming to provide accurate, easy-to-use predictions that can be immediately useful in business systems.


Founded by Nihal Advani, QualSights is an immersive consumer insights platform aiming to provide better and more authentic insights to brands around the world. They accomplish this by using their proprietary technology which allows companies to remotely interact and observe consumers in their natural environment, thereby enabling companies to conduct qualitative research at a faster and more cost-effective rate.


Fouded by Gaurav Srivastava, Gautam Kumar, and Kushal Nahata, FarEye is a technology company that is revolutionizing the delivery and supply chain sector. Powered by AI, FarEye’s platform aids in optimizing end-to-end deliveries, while also providing insightful recommendations that are derived from aggregated data and real-time feedback.

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