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January 30, 2024
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Stepping into the vibrant landscape of Brooklyn, New York, it becomes clear this borough is not just about the iconic pizza, trendy fashion, and historical sites. This globally renowned hub, best known for its cultural and tech industries, also serves as the headquarters of several leading companies in today’s art industry. Each has a profound influence on different dimensions of the art industry, utilizing creative solutions and cutting-edge technology to transcend traditional boundaries and set new industry standards. This article will potray the pioneering companies making notable strides in their respective industries.


BlocPower, founded by Donnel Baird, Keith Kinch and Morris Cox, is a unique fusion of clean energy technology and smart city innovation. Since its establishment in Brooklyn in 2014, BlocPower has been at the forefront of creating healthier, greener, and smarter buildings through the use of advanced technologies, innovative electrification equipment, and structured finance. BlocPower’s dedication to sustainable living has seen it create impressive retrofits that provide green heating and cooling to urban buildings, leading to energy savings of 20-40% on energy bills annually for customers.


Opentrons, co-founded by Chiu Chau, Nicholas Wagner, and Will Canine, is in the epicenter of biotechnology innovation in Brooklyn. Opentrons has revolutionized the artificial intelligence sector by developing a pipetting robot technology that automates experiments. This platform significantly accelerates scientific research, making processes more efficient and less labor-intensive.


Pienso, co-founded by Birago Jones and Karthik Dinakar, is making it easier for non-programmers to create and train their own machine learning models through its Intelligent Development Environment. Located in Brooklyn Navy Yard’s New Lab, Pienso’s contributions to the information technology sector over the years have been truly remarkable.


Brooklyn-based Paperspace, founded by Daniel Kobran and Dillon Erb, has carved a niche for itself in AI and cloud computing. This company offers a high-performance cloud computing and machine learning platform that facilitates the building, testing, and deployment of machine learning models.


Voltpost is a creative solution to the growing need for accessible electric vehicle charging stations. Founded by Jeff Prosserman, Joern Vicari, and Luke Mairo in 2021, Voltpost has turned everyday lampposts into smart charging stations, an inventive take to make green transportation more convenient for the busy city life.


At Brooklyn’s Artemis, farming meets artificial intelligence. Co-founded by Allison Kopf and Jason Camp, Artemis has developed a platform that specializes in indoor farming software solutions, enabling farmers to optimize plant performance and reduce operating expenses all at once.

Hidden Door

Breathing life into fictional worlds is Hidden Door, a game technology studio co-founded by Hilary Mason and Matt Brandwein. Hidden Door is leading the pack in creating narrative AI platforms that transform any work of fiction into an immersive, social role-playing experience.


Created by Manuel Schönfeld, PowerX is an energizing force in the convergence of AI and energy efficiency. PowerX’s innovative application provides a unified view of all energy devices and water outlets in any home, allowing users to optimize their utility usage.

Kisi Security

Kisi Security, located in the heart of Brooklyn, is a cloud computing company that provides a unified access control system for buildings and offices. Co-founded by Bernhard Mehl, Carl Pfeiffer, and Maximilian Schuetz, Kisi extends cybersecurity features to physical spaces, facilitating hassle-free access and enhanced security.


inCitu is a civic tech company utilizing augmented reality to transform the way urban planning is done. Through its software application, incitu offers a unique, interactive platform that promotes community input in city planning decisions, making city development a more democratic process.


Concluding our tour of Brooklyn’s thriving industry contributors, is scite. Co-founded by Joshua Nicholson, Milo Mordaunt, Sean Chandler Rife, and Yuri Lazebnik, scite uses deep learning, natural language processing, and a network of experts to evaluate the credibility of scientific claims. This revolutionary platform is helping bolster the veracity of scientific research and consequently promoting reliable studies in the scientific community.


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