Parisian Art Industry Titans Transforming the Global Luxury Market

January 30, 2024
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As an epicenter of culture, art and innovation, Paris has undoubtedly asserted its position as a hub for pioneering companies in the Art industry. The city has constantly engaged a global audience through a fusion of creativity and technological advancements, offering unconventional approaches to familiar processes. This article shines a spotlight on some of the exceptional Paris-based companies that are redefining the boundaries of the industry.

Uniting diverse disciplines such as artificial intelligence, healthcare, logistics, and more with uniquely creative perspectives, these companies have set their roots in the cosmopolitan heart of Paris, Ile-de-France. Each brings a distinctive contribution to their sector, integrating digitization and innovation into their processes to pioneer more effective, engaging and accessible services.

Traditional and contemporary artforms merge harmoniously within these companies, showcasing the transformative potential of fusing different industries. Not only do they emphasize the latent potential of creativity in the corporate world, but they position art as a crucial driving element in technological advancement.


Launched in 2016, Luko is pioneering insurance with its revolutionary AI-powered sensor. Focusing on home security and reducing electricity bills, the company is shifting the insurance model from a claims-centric to a preventative approach. Its co-founders, Benoit Bourdel and Raphael Vullierme established the company in Paris, providing an innovative solution that maintains home safety and manages energy consumption. Connect with Luko on their Facebook, LinkedIn and @getluko on Twitter.


Kayrros is the preeminent advanced data analytics company supporting global energy market players with strategic investment decisions. Founded by Alexandre d’Aspremont, Antoine Halff, Antoine Rostand, and Jean-Michel Lasry, Kayrros employs a blend of alternative and market data to offer unique products across the energy chain. Headquartered in Paris and operating additional offices in Houston, London, New York, and Singapore, the company is increasingly providing greater transparency into energy markets worldwide. You can find them on LinkedIn and on Twitter as @Kayrros.

Dental Monitoring

Established in 2014 by Philippe Salah, Dental Monitoring has brought a revolution in dental health care through technology. The company has rapidly grown into an international team of over 400 people with locations in Europe, the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Dental Monitoring’s approach to healthcare is marked by a combination of artificial intelligence, health care, machine learning, medical devices. Connect with them through their Facebook, LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter: @dentalmon.


Prophesee is elevating the field of neuromorphic vision systems. The company’s unique technology mirrors the processes of the human eye and brain, captures motion information instead of a succession of images. Their sensor innovations find application in multiple sectors, from automotive to drones, industrial automation, mobile, and IoT. Keep up with them on LinkedIn and @prophesee_ai on Twitter.


At the forefront of cybersecurity, CybelAngel is a start-up specializing in detecting data leaks with sophisticated AI. The company’s cyber analysts compile a report for every incident, all focused on swift remediation. Stay connected with CybelAngel through their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.


Castor is an automated, collaborative tool for data discovery. The company was co-founded by Tristan Mayer, Xavier de Boisredon, Arnaud de Turckheim, and Amaury Dumoulin in 2020. Castor provides valuable insights by bringing all organizational data into one accessible location. Keep up with them via their @Castor86786352 Twitter account and their LinkedIn profile.

AB Tasty

AB Tasty is dedicated to offering feature management, experimentation, and personalization solutions, helping businesses enhance their digital assets and channels. Alix Sagazan and Remi Aubert founded the company, which provides marketing, product, and technical teams with a comprehensive toolset for optimizing brand and product experiences. Keep in touch with them via @ABTasty on Twitter, their Facebook page, or their LinkedIn profile.


With a focus on implementing computer vision applications in field operations, Deepomatic is transforming the way organizations function. All data collected by the company helps companies gain an all-encompassing view of their operations and infrastructure, offering unlimited potential for efficiency and growth. Stay connected with them through their @deepomatic Twitter account, Facebook page, and LinkedIn page.


Mindee is a company dedicated to enhancing businesses with custom-made artificial intelligence solutions. The team of experts offer end-to-end services that ensure a smooth and efficient integration of advanced technologies into a business;’ infrastructure, providing unprecedented solutions adaptable to any organization. Follow Mindee on @MindeeAPI and on LinkedIn for updates.


Operating in art logistics, the Paris-based start-up Convelio specializes in the shipping of bulky, fragile, and high-value items. Founders Clément Ouizille and Edouard Gouin have made a unique contribution to logistics, offering a specialized service in a traditional industry. Get in touch with them on @convelio, their Facebook or LinkedIn.


A fusion of artificial intelligence and robotics, Outsight is committed to creating sensors that bring full situation awareness to smart machines. The company’s products interact with their surroundings in real-time, enhancing capabilities pertaining to safety and efficiency in autonomous driving and other applications. Take a look at their @outsight_tech Twitter and LinkedIn for more information.

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