Tips for Setting Up an Art Gallery in Your Home

Tips for Setting Up an Art Gallery in Your Home

June 17, 2021
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So, you’re passionate about art. You’ve visited various museums, attended many shows and exhibits, and viewed a multitude of works and pieces. Appreciating a piece of art and its techniques, colors, structures, and the stories behind it is a unique experience each time.

As you’re viewing a striking painting, the idea approaches you: you’re ready to take your passion a step further by curating your very own collection! However, you’re not sure where to begin. So here are some tips for setting up an art gallery in your home to exhibit your interests.

Prep Your Area

Choose an area you would like to use to showcase your collection, whether it’s a hallway or a spare room. Dedicating a space to place your curated pieces can center the appreciation and attention your gallery deserves.

Once you establish an area, choose a color to paint the walls. White walls are common in museums, but a solid color that will serve as contrast is best to avoid clashing with or detracting from the art.

Choose a Theme

Will you choose to display contemporary or ancient classical art? Do your curated pieces pertain to neoclassicism, or are they modern? Establishing a theme that focuses on a particular era or style of art can bring your gallery together.

Incorporate Structures and Sculptures

Adding sculptures to your showcase can provide depth to any gallery. Placing them throughout a room can accentuate and add dimension to a collection, but you can also display sculptures in the center of the room to bring attention to them, especially if they’re highly valuable.

Include Information and Descriptions of the Art

When you’re thinking about showcasing your collection to friends and family members who aren’t familiar with different eras of art and styles, including information underneath each piece can give the viewer some background. Providing information on a painting can include the piece’s name along with the artist and the corresponding era. If you’re adding sculptures such as bronze, you can also include a brief explanation of their creation as a fun fact. For example, did you know that bronze was the first man-made alloy and that it’s comprised of 12 different metals? The more you know!

Creating your home gallery can be exciting and fulfilling. Showcasing your passion for something that interests you can be the best investment, and it allows you to fully appreciate your artwork and its value. These are only a few tips for setting up an art gallery in your home; you can start collecting your pieces by contacting businesses that can help you get started on your personal showcase.

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