Different Hair Colors To Try This Summer

Different Hair Colors To Try This Summer

June 22, 2021
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The free-flowing spirit of summer is a natural time to get experimental. Rules and regulations feel a lot less strict. Maybe you’ve even had the latitude to turn “work from home” into “work from the patio.” You have three months or so in which the usual rules don’t apply.

But alas, summers never seem to last. It feels like they’re over before they even begin. Before you know it, things are back to normal. Why not embrace that fleeting moment with some short but sweet changes to your hair color? Consider these ideas for different hair colors to try this summer. One or more of them may work for you.

What a Thing To Have Done, and It Was All Yellow

Remember drawing yourself and your friends with crayons as a child? Forget the basic eight-pack—even a 96-color set of crayons never seemed to represent the nuances of true blonde hair. Instead of a delicately variegated blonde crayon, you probably resorted to good old yellow or perhaps goldenrod or lemon. But none of these hues are what we would call terribly faithful to real life (though no less worthy of being pinned to the fridge). What would you say if literal yellow hair was finally an option? Summer is all about vivid colors and trying new things, and the contrast between natural blonde and bright yellow could be quite striking. Best of all, your niece’s sketch of you will be true-to-life.

Blue on Black, Tears on a River

Brunettes don’t always have to go lighter in the summer. Another way to make things a little different is to introduce some bursts of unnatural but eye-catching color on a dark base. Chunks and highlights of green, purple, and blue can make things interesting. If you decide to commit to bright hues on dark hair, though, you may need to do a little extra maintenance to make sure those colors keep shining.

All Things All at Once

There are lots of different hair colors to try this summer. Can’t decide on just one? Have you considered going with all of them? Perhaps the most extensive approach you can take to hair color for the season is a tie-dye effect that starts with a light, ash-blonde base and makes that into a canvas for all the colors of the rainbow. Streaks of gradients, pastels, neons, and more can complement each other rather than competing. They create an effect that, despite the name, isn’t straight out of Haight-Ashbury in the late 1960s. Instead, it’s almost like something out of another world altogether. This reflects summer’s whimsical atmosphere.

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