Tips for Preparing Your Pool for the Fall

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Pools are the best for cooling down and having fun on summer days. However, you need to approach your pool’s maintenance differently when it comes to the fall time. Your pool will face different conditions in the fall, and it’s something for which you should prepare. Here are some basic tips for preparing your pool for the fall.

Regular Maintenance

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can skip any of your regular maintenance. Check your filters and clean your pool as frequently as you did before. Take out any toys after your swims and be ready for any chemical changes you need to address.


Fall is beautiful as all the leaves transform to wonderful colors, but you’ll find that the leaves will end up in your pool quite frequently. Proper fall pool maintenance will mean that you’re constantly cleaning out these leaves and any other debris that comes with them.


With the influx of debris and leaves comes rapid changes to your chemicals. As more debris falls into the pool, the chemical levels will change. Check your chemicals often to keep up with any new changes. You might need different cleaners if the debris gets too bad, so keep your eye out for that.


The summer features a lot of animal activity and the fall is no different, as animals need to prepare for the winter months. You should look for ways to keep pests out of your pool or you’ll have to clean up a lot more because of their visits.

All these problems are quite common for anyone who owns a pool. As long as you follow these tips for preparing your pool for the fall, you’ll have no trouble adapting to the new situation. You might want to consider getting a pool enclosure as well, as it can reduce or even eliminate most of the problems that come with fall.

Tips for Preparing Your Pool for the Fall

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