Green Living: Why Antiques Are Good for the Planet

Green Living: Why Antiques Are Good for the Planet

August 31, 2021
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“Out with the old, and in with the new.” This idiom of leaving old things and ideas behind to bring in new ones is far more than it seems on the surface level. Where do these old things go when we throw them away or let them go? Annie Leonard—a well-known activist for sustainability—believes that “there is no such thing as ‘away.’ When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere.”

In regard to goods and products, today’s consumers are looking for sustainability. This eco-consciousness holds true in the centerfold of designing, decorating, and furnishing interior spaces. Everything within the home has a carbon footprint, and sometimes, what’s old is better than what’s brand new. The latest and greatest are not always an upgrade. Let’s take a closer look at green living: why antiques are good for the planet.

Minimize Landfill Waste and Carbon Output Emissions

We simply can’t keep throwing away things from the past that still have versatile use and handcrafted beauty in modern society. Reevaluating undervalued antiques opens wide doors of opportunity.

When thinking about the core of green living, conserving resources is key. Reducing the waste of natural resources is why antiques are good for the planet. Many modern pieces have a shorter life cycle. Choosing to use items from the past minimizes pileups in landfills and soaring output emissions from new production.

Sustain Culture and Heritage for Subsequent Generations

Antiques are the future of luxurious and high-end interior design. After making a triumphant comeback, antique items will sweep you right off your feet with their aesthetic and eco-friendly appeal. Consumers can easily update the look of their spaces with the right flow, function, and mixed style of modern and vintage items. Not to mention that these artisan goods are teeming with nostalgia and history that’s worth preserving for the future.

Sustainable originality remains integral to the way millennial taste influences the collectibles market. Nothing’s greener for your home than a pre-existing item of great quality and value—and such items influence designers with their authenticity and character to this very day.

Support Local and Small Businesses

The retail industry reaches far and wide, and the subsector for home furnishings and décor is no exception to the rule. Many antique dealers are independent retailers that are in direct competition with high-street and fast-furniture retailers. Shopping at local or online small businesses instead of mainstream retailers ensures you’re getting a sustainable product of value while simultaneously creating a unique, high-end space with antique or vintage items. The magnetic appeal of bygone eras allows the past and present to come to life as one, all while helping save the future one choice at a time.

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