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The UK’s Best Luxury Home Brands – 2020

June 26, 2020
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These are the brands are the best British luxury Homeware brands that we love! If you are looking for luxury goods sourced from the UK then these are certainly the best options for you.


This product was recommended by Dylan Batten from Collectiviste ltd.

We specialise in statement lighting, handcrafted with mother of pearl. Our focus is on providing beautiful, unique lighting and accessories, which also champion and support international artisans from South East Asia to South America.

Muck N Brass

This product was recommended by Aleksandar Hrubenja from ModernGentlemen

Muck N Brass is an eco-friendly home luxury brand for lovers of exquisite re-purposed items. The company is active in teaching the public about the benefits of upcycling while applying the same philosophy to their products. You can find a wide range of furniture, decor and home products on Muck N Brass that are unique works of art. As a luxecycling brand, Muck N Brass is one of the few companies in the UK that has found a way of integrating upcycling with luxury to create their own line of home products and an artistic twist. I would recommend them for fans of vintage and antique interior decor that are looking to add a more quirky vibe to their home environment while maintaining luxury, style and elegance standards in an eco-friendly way.

Liberty London

This product was recommended by Linda Morgan from MotivationNook

Liberty London prides itself on “rare finds, remarkable antiques and the latest and greatest in interior design and homewares”. Their unique items will help you decorate your bedroom, your dining room, your kitchen, and anywhere in between. All of Liberty London’s goods are quality products, and you can feel good in knowing that this company supports eco-friendly lifestyles as well.


This product was recommended by Casper Ohm from Water-Pollution

WeaverGreen is a progressive and eco-friendly interior design brand that understands the world’s plastic pollution problem. Part of their mission is to help, and they use 100% recyclable materials across all their product lines. The feel of the textile is still plush, to resemble cotton and wool. On a yearly basis, WeaverGreen accounts for over 80 million bottles of recycled products, which they use to create a luxurious line of contemporary interior design products. As an innovator in their field, WeaverGreen is one of the most eco-friendly luxury brands in the UK and a great choice for high-end home interior products.

Skyline Design

This product was recommended by Sofie Tooke from ASSISTED

Skyline Design design and manufacture luxury rattan and artificial rattan outdoor furniture, delivering globally. All their products are incredibly stylish, on-trend and have a mediterranean beach club feel to them; from dining sets, to daybeds and egg chairs. All products are amazing quality!

Hidden Sense

This product was recommended by EdurneRuiz de Alegria from Hidden Sense

Hidden Sense is a vegan candles and natural home fragrances brand born in south London. Candles are hand poured in small batches and made with a house blend of coconut-soy wax. All the products are scented using only pure essential oils. The brand will appeal to anyone looking to scent their homes naturally with a hand crafted products free from paraffin, alcohol or synthetic fragrances.

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