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The Perfect Luxury Home Furnishings to Complete Your Home

June 27, 2020
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These Luxury Brands make high quality furnishing for every room of your home. Whatever you prefer stylistically, there are plenty of options for every homeowner below.


This product was recommended by Ash Read from Cozy

TRNK has hand-picked a unique assortment of luxury home furnishings from a range of high-end brands located in the Americas, Scandinavia, Western Europe, and Asia. TRNK offers luxury furnishings for living, dining, and outdoor spaces. The TRNK team scours the world for exceptional products and aims to offer a collection that can live together in a single home.

Lipsey Water

This product was recommended by Isaiah Ram from Lipsey Water

They are a service that brings water to offices and people’s homes. I love their service because of the quality of the water and the fact that it reminds me to drink water. Also, hot water is constantly available on demand. And did I mention spring water? It’s pretty great, tasty, and convenient. I can’t go back to wasting plastic bottles, or tap water. There is a night and day difference!


This product was recommended by Sophia Clark from Galiatea LLC

Galiatea was founded with diversity, connection and social impact in mind: it provides interior designers and design conscious customers with made-to-order luxury handmade furniture and home decor made with sustainable materials by underrepresented artisans globally while paving the path to increased social consciousness.

My Rolling Tray

This product was recommended by Alex Mirzaian from My Rolling Tray

With so many people stuck home during Covid-19, many people are realizing family and friends are so important. For this reason, we have been getting a ton of orders on people making custom serving trays with family portraits and such.


This product was recommended by Jesse Machavern from Graith, LLC

We make some really cool manly art that would be perfect for anyone looking for non traditional art and into luxury items. Our theme is military ordnance and explosives that we incorporate with exotic woods and materials such as carbon fiber and aircraft grade aluminum.

Stellar Air

This product was recommended by Sarah Grimmett from Scribe

Stellar Air is a home decor company that specializations in manufacturing decorative air vent and register covers. Our covers are designed to replace the unattractive, default exhaust fan covers put in every home and enhance any room by adding a little art to your wall. The installation process is quick and easy and can have your kitchen, living room, or bedroom looking brand new within 10 minutes. It makes a room go from shabby to chic in no time!

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