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The Best Clothing Brands Made in Melbourne

April 11, 2023
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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Clothing Brands Made in Melbourne. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.


This product was recommended by Derrick Hathaway from VEM-Medical

A.BCH is a Melbourne, Victoria-based ethical apparel business. In Australia, it develops inexpensive, sustainable, organic, evergreen collections with a focus on transparency. A.BCH is a circular fashion label that creates lifestyle items to change how people buy, wear, and disposes of clothes. It aspires to create modern, cheap clothes in a closed-loop method. All of A.BCH’s clothing is created in Melbourne by a family-owned factory using renewable, natural, and recycled materials such as GOTS-certified organic cotton, linen, hemp, and Tencel lyocell.


This product was recommended by Derrick Hathaway from VEM-Medical

Arnsdorf is a Melbourne-based ethical fashion line created in 2006 by Jade Sarita Arnott. It sustainably manufactures modern archetypal clothes for stylish and purposeful women in Australia. The Melbourne-based womenswear line caters to discerning fashion customers with refined and current designs. It believes in the transformational potential of clothes in all aspects of life. Arnsdorf makes all of its clothing in Collingwood, Melbourne. It is a Benefit Corporation dedicated to transparency, environmental stewardship, and long-term policies.

FME Apparel

This product was recommended by Derrick Hathaway from VEM-Medical

FME Apparel is an ethical apparel business established in Melbourne that celebrates creative expression and community via photography and garment design. FME Apparel, founded in 2012 by designer Maddy Maeve, produces stunning alternatives to high-street apparel in Melbourne. It creates ethical and inexpensive clothing focusing on high-quality and organic textiles. FME Apparel manufactures all of its clothing in Melbourne in small, deliberate runs. It has easy-to-wear skivvies, wraps, jumpers, tanks, and blouses.

Vege Threads

This product was recommended by David Reid from VEM Tooling

Organic and eco-friendly materials and dyes are used in the small-batch production of Vege Threads’ stunning creations, which are made in Melbourne, Australia. The Australian-based clothing brand is dedicated to open communication and fair treatment of its suppliers. It collaborates with regional knitting mills and dye businesses to unite people who care about environmental protection. Vege Threads is committed to continuous improvement in service to its patrons and the environment. It’s known for its high-quality, reasonably-priced, functional, and aesthetically pleasing clothing.

SISTER Studios

This product was recommended by Irene Graham from Spylix

SISTER Studios, based in Melbourne, Australia, is a sustainable womenswear label known for its dreamy designs and commitment to ethics. Emma Cutri and Alice McIntosh, two lifelong friends who are also talented fashion designers, founded the label many years ago. SISTER Studios’ clothing is made in a small, family-run, ECA-accredited factory just down the street from the design studio in Brunswick. It supports local businesses while maintaining the highest standards of quality and production.

E Nolan

This product was recommended by Irene Graham from Spylix

E Nolan, a label based in Melbourne, Australia, produces organic and recycled fabric customized clothes. It is known for producing high-quality clothing with an enduring style. The women’s line reimagines the concept of tailored clothing by emphasizing long-lasting, versatile, and featherweight pieces. E Nolan elegantly creates long-lasting suits using bespoke fabrics from a library of over 600 options, each with its unique color palette, natural fibers, and tailoring options.

Nobody Denim

This product was recommended by Irene Graham from Spylix

Melbourne, Australia-based clothing label Nobody Denim is known for its high-quality, ethically-made denim products. The store carries a wide variety of women’s clothing, including dresses, shirts, shorts, jackets, knitwear, and more, all reasonably priced and made from sustainable materials. The environmentally conscious clothing brand has made it a priority to cut down on waste at every stage of production. It encourages resource conservation by making an effort to use less energy and water. Nobody Denim is committed to making positive changes to reduce its negative effects on society and the environment. It uses locally sourced, environmentally friendly materials to produce high-quality garments that will last for years.


This product was recommended by Caitlyn Parish from Cicinia

Denimsmith is one of the leading clothing brands made in Melbourne, known for its premium denim fabrics and on-trend designs. With an emphasis on quality and style, Denimsmith produces high-quality jeans, vests, and dresses that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for an edgy pair of jeans, comfortable and stylish apparel, or a sleek vest to layer with your outfit, Denimsmith is the perfect brand for you. We highly recommend Denimsmith as one of the best clothing brands made in Melbourne – its high-quality products, on-trend designs, and affordable prices make it a top choice for fashion lovers


This product was recommended by Caitlyn Parish from Cicinia

As one of the leading clothing brands made in Melbourne, Kalaurie is known for its beautiful floral prints, comfortable and functional designs, and dedication to ethical production. Whether you’re looking for stylish dresses, flowy skirts, or fun shorts for summer, Kalaurie has a wide variety of beautiful pieces that are perfect for any occasion. With an emphasis on providing quality, comfort, and style, all while supporting ethical production practices, Kalaurie is one of the top clothing brands made in Melbourne.

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