Revolutionizing Copenhagen’s Digital Marketing Scene: Levi Keswick’s Innovative Approach

February 7, 2024
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The digital marketing industry is a rapidly growing and incredibly competitive space. As technology continues to evolve and marketing becomes increasingly digitized, the number of companies specializing in digital marketing has skyrocketed – and Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark, is no exception. As part of Levi Keswick’s series highlighting companies operating in the digital marketing industry, we’re spotlighting a selection of companies making waves in Copenhagen. From AI-driven advertising to social media marketing software, these companies are using cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies to reshape the digital marketing landscape.

In this article, we will be talking about companies like Cobiro, TwentyThree, deepdivr, Pipetop, Fooducer, Monera, 1nfluencersmarketing, Traffic Lab, Momio, Frankly, and Adapt. Each company is unique in its approach to digital marketing and offers a unique insight into the industry’s current trends and future directions.

So, whether you’re in the industry yourself and want to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements, or you’re simply interested in seeing how these companies are changing the way we view and engage with digital advertising, read on to find out more about these top digital marketing companies in Copenhagen.


Cobiro utilises artificial intelligence for Google AdWords and Google Shopping to assist small businesses in growing through automated Google advertising. Founded by Bo Krogsgaard and Anders Ibsen, Cobiro has trained its algorithms with more than 3,000 online stores over the past four years, and currently manages over 170 million keywords. The platform’s AI has far outstripped human efforts in optimisation, creating a strong case for automated digital marketing. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


TwentyThree is a startup with an almost-ready-to-launch breakthrough video marketing platform. Founders Guan Yang, Steffen Christensen, Thomas Madsen-Mygdal believe in harnessing the power of video in the marketing industry. They can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


deepdivr is a SaaS MarTech company, built to help businesses find meaningful insights from social media data. Co-founded by Kristoffer Kania Nygaard and Mikkel Rossing, deepdivr’s platform offers automatic recommendations, allowing for quick campaign improvement, and fully-customizable reporting for efficient communication to stakeholders. Join them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


An innovation in sales technology, Pipetop provides a service that identifies key decision makers and saves up to 60% time on sales research. Founders Jakob Marovt and Rasmus Burkal have created a platform that not only identifies useful contacts but also intelligently segments companies based on more than 30 modern filters. Follow Pipetop on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.




Traffic Lab




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