Digital Marketing Titans from Mexico City in Luxury Fashion Sphere

February 7, 2024
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Welcome to our series of articles that shine a spotlight on some of the most innovative and successful companies in the digital marketing industry that call Mexico City home. Mexico City, which is infamous for its vibrant culture and rich history, has transformed itself into an emerging tech hub in Latin America. Its burgeoning digital marketing industry is playing an influential role in this transformation. The following companies are playing big in disrupting the advertising and marketing industry through their advanced technological approach and persistent commitment.

The digital marketing landscape has changed drastically over time, and these companies are quick to adapt to those changes. From leveraging analytics to enhance customer experience to using AI and machine learning for advanced marketing solutions, they are leaving no stone unturned in this ever-evolving industry. These companies are not just contributing to the growth of the digital marketing landscape, but also putting Mexico City on the global map. They are making their presence felt in the digital marketing world with their innovative solutions.

It’s time to explore these companies, know about their success stories, the products they are offering, and how they are positioning themselves in the market. Ready to dive deep? Here we go.

Hexagon Data

Founded by Eduardo Carbia and Lukas Canal, Hexagon Data is a customer data strategy firm that is leading the charge in LATIN AMERICA. The firm’s focus is helping companies reach their audiences with chrome precision through opportune contact. They provide strategic and technical consultants to help maximize their client’s business results. You can follow them on

Launched by Lamberto Corral V., is a financial platform that uses blockchain-type technology to provide immediate liquidity for fractions of mortgages with real estate. You can find more about their services on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Hexgrid Consulting

Hexgrid Consulting was established in 2017 by Adrian Hibert, Alfonso Treviño, and Victor Peña. They focus on preparing companies for the new digital transformation by analyzing competitors and offering solutions.


WORTEV is an advanced startup ecosystem that provides education, business services, and equity investment for entrepreneurs to build and grow ventures. Founded by Denis Yris and Isabel Guízar, Wortev keeps an online presence through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Ingenia, a company that operates in the fields of Advertising, Digital Marketing, and the Internet, was founded by Luis Adolfo Holder Morales and Pablo Hernández. Stay updated with Ingenia’s updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Convertia was founded by Paolo Boni and operates at the intersection of marketing, sales, and technology, converting online demand into sales. Learn more about them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Social Snack

Established by Matias Dutto, Social Snack operates in the fields of Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Marketing. You can find more about their work on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Capital Digital

Capital Digital provides services in the fields of Advertising, Brand Marketing, and Digital Marketing. Follow them on LinkedIn.


KTBO is a notable name that provides services in Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Marketing. Know more about their activities on their Facebook & LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Federico Isuani, Socialand is an “All Line” Communication agency specialized in Social Media, Digital Media, Influencer Marketing, Social Intelligence, Contents and General Communication Strategy.

Agencia SEO en Mexico

Lastly, Agencia SEO en Mexico is a team of professionals dedicated to web positioning. Founded by Miguel Rodriguez, they provide services ranging from website creation to SEO. Follow their progress on Facebook and LinkedIn.

These are the companies that are disrupting the digital marketing landscape and are putting Mexico City on the high tech map. Each of these companies possesses a unique set of strategies and offerings that makes them stand out in the market. They are a testament to the bright future of the digital marketing world in Mexico City and Latin America at large.

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