Prague’s Luxury Fashion: Unveiling the Chic World of Levi Keswick

February 8, 2024
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The heartbeat of the fashion industry ticks its rhythm in all corners of the world, more recently finding a thrumming pulse in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. Known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant nightlife, Prague is steadily fostering a vibrant scene in the realm of fashion and luxury. This article will highlight some of the city’s fashion-forward companies that are not only making waves within the local industry but also on a global front.

The companies featured here represent a diverse range of sectors in the fashion industry, from retail and e-commerce to manufacturing and design. Each of them brings innovations to the traditional concept of fashion, altering the landscape in Prague and beyond. We’ll delve into their unique concepts, achievements, and the entrepreneurs breathing life into these companies.

Manifesto Market

Founded by Martin Barry, Manifesto Market stands at the intersection of technology, data science, gastronomy, and real estate. Its multifaceted platform is focused on delivering unique customer experiences and includes features such as cashless large format, multi-vendor food markets. They synergize technology and transaction data to optimize customer experience and augment tenant turnover. The company has a bagful of honors backing their value, including being a finalists in the Internorga Future Awards and Best Customer Experience by Mastercard.


Founded by Ladislav Trpak and Oldrich Bajer, ZOOT is a multifaceted fashion and lifestyle brand. It boasts an extensive variety of products encompassing clothing items for men, women, and children, and even houses design products. Since its launch in 2012, ZOOT has been a prominent player in Prague’s fashion scene.

Le Premier

Le Premier focuses on the niche of custom clothing manufacturing. They produce tailored coats, jeans, and custom sneakers along with business suits, tuxedos, and wedding suits. These are available both in-store, and online.

Swimsuit Czech

Foiunded by Peter Podolinsky, Swimsuit Czech is an eCommerce venture that curates selected swimwear brands. They concentrate on designer collections, bringing high-quality wear to the public.


Cofounded by Michal Jirák and Tomáš Hodboď, Glami is a virtual business gallery with a mission to bring an end to dull fashion. Their online platform allows consumers to collate and comment on products. Additionally, Glami offers tools to create personalized fashion sets and collections, encouraging personal style expression.

Life is Porno

Founded by Tino Hrnciar, Life is Porno is a collective that channels forbidden street culture into clothing. Their designs connect distinctive aesthetics while ensuring comfort and functionality.


Cofounded by Michaela Kloudova and Ryan Cole, Genster is the first online shopping and styling service for men in the Czech Republic.


Certicon is primarily a technology and software development company, but their involvement in the fashion industry comes from the application of their technology in fields like career planning, data mining, image recognition, and simulation.


TIMEOUT is a global consumer fashion brand specializing in retail and e-commerce.


Manboxeo is an e-commerce company focused on gifts for men, women, and children.

Founded by Miroslav Kolář, is a prominent player in the e-commerce, Fashion, and Sports industries.

Each of these companies is leaving an indelible mark on Prague’s fashion industry, helping to shape trends, elevate style, and make the City of a Hundred Spires an exciting place in the world of fashion.

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