Pix Black Ballpoint Pen Review

August 29, 2020
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Pix Black Ballpoint Pen Overview:

Inspired by the Bauhaus architecture movement and named after the historical PIX trademark, this writing instrument offers a puristic design and a high simplicity of use. Black precious resin cap and barrel with elegant platinum-coated details. Available only in selected stores and online – for further information please contact our customer service.

Pix Black Ballpoint Pen Review:

There are many wonderful things about this black precious resin ballpoint pen, the one guiding factor for me in choosing this pen was the Bauhaus inspired design, with a clean aesthetic and inspired by the modernist architectural movement I was somewhat expecting to find a crude, unfunny, or overly-functional pen. However I was wrong, the pen was anything but simple and was full of surprises!

At first glance the PIX Black Ballpoint Pen presents a classic, all-black appearance with a simple design, but upon closer inspection this pen offers many more features that blow the classic ballpoint pen stereotype out of the water. After taking the pen out of its package it was immediately clear that this was quality pen, just looking at it is a pleasure.

The black precious resin delivers a nice matte black finish that doesn’t show fingerprints and feels good in the hand. The pen has a bit of a heft to it, I would say its a bit thicker than your ordinary pen making it feel sturdy and of a high quality. The trim and clip are platinum finished and go nicely with the black precious resin. It is not skimping on details, with high quality and durable materials being used the Pix Black Ballpoint Pen does not disappoint.

The Pix Black Ballpoint Pen feels solid to the touch with smooth metal parts and the tip when extended is no slob, its unfailingly consistent with evenly distributed ink flow.

The best features of the Pix Black Ballpoint Pen are in the details, most people think that it’s common that you can write with a ballpoint pen in many different ways, but the Pix Black Ballpoint Pen has many unheard of mechanisms that make it stand out from the rest. Boasting a unique screwing system the pen is effortlessly changed from standard writing to sketching mode.

Being able to change your medium like that is mind-blowing, the Pix Black Ballpoint Pen allows you to switch easily from writing to sketching and visa versa without having to carry around multiple pens, this is functionality at its finest.

One of my favorite qualities about the Pix Black Ballpoint Pen is the texture. The process of creating ink for the pen allows it to be dark and smooth, while being a unique texture to the touch it is also a pleasure to the hands. It is much smoother than many other ballpoint pens because it uses a special “wax-reinforced formula” that allows the pen to glide across the paper. This allows for an even flow of secure ink and makes for a consistent line of ink as you write, it’s a pleasure to write with this even on rough papers.

Also as a plus the Pix Black Ballpoint Pen possesses a timeless yet modernistic design that will fit into both your bag and your hand very easily. This pen will not only continue to write flawlessly for you, but it will look good doing it.

The Pix Black Ballpoint Pen is definitely my favorite pen for everyday use, as well as my favorite ballpoint pen, I do not have any complaints about this pen whatsoever. This pen lives up to its name: it is luxurious and yet simple and functional.

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