Montblanc Rouge Et Noir Fountain Pen Review

August 29, 2020
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Montblanc Rouge Et Noir Fountain Pen Overview:

When it was developed in 1906, the ‘Rouge et Noir’ fountain pen was considered an outstanding technical achievement, ensuring simple operation without the need for dipping the nib into an inkwell. The Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir celebrates the 110-year-old pioneering spirit of Montblanc. Reinterpreting the legendary writing instrument, it features a longer, slimmer silhouette and craftsmanship refined over generations. Snake Clip in vintage look with matching fittings. The clip is made by a stamping and winding process in a special alloy metal, and is aged by a unique galvanic and stripping process.

Montblanc Rouge Et Noir Fountain Pen Review:

The Rouge Et Noir has a slim-line profile with a sturdy metal construction. The striking snake clip adds detail as well as functionality (the clip is removable). The cap and barrel are made of a lightweight metal with a ribbed appearance. I had the cap engraved for an extra $20.

The cap, barrel and section are all crafted with luxurious Urushi lacquer, developed in Japan and used for centuries on Samurai swords. With more than 30 processing stages required to complete the lacquer, it takes more than two days and the skills of two craftsmen to create the crimson-black lacquer seal. The finish is both impactful and subtle. The cap has a beautiful curvature, which is carried through to the end of the barrel.

The Rouge Et Noir is an affordable Montblanc that delivers on the quality that has made Montblanc common place. The Rouge Et Noir is well made, beautiful writing instrument at a nice price.

The Rouge Et Noir fountain pen is available in a wide range of nib sizes from M to BB, and nib shapes from F to BBB. All pens are available in 14k solid gold.

The Rouge Et Noir pen in the ‘Rhinestone’ style features the inlaid schneider gold plated platinum precious stone, the ‘Diamond’ style has white diamond effects in the cap.

Each pen comes with a piston converter for easy filling, ensuring an even ink flow, as well as a traditional piston to keep on hand should your converter need to be cleaned. The Rouge Et Noir is compatible with most 21 or 23k Montblanc nibs.

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