Montblanc Money Clip Review

August 28, 2020
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Montblanc Money Clip Overview:

Wallet 6 cc with money clip, made of black European full-grain cowhide with unique Montblanc deep shine, jacquard lining with Montblanc brand name, Montblanc emblem with palladium finish ring, with 6 pockets for credit cards, money clip

Montblanc Money Clip Review:

The master craftsmen in Montblanc’s luxury workshop in Milan produce this genuine leather money holder with a 6 card holder and a money clip. The lining of the money clip pockets is jacquard for extra durability. With the Mont Blanc Star, it’s the best gift for a friend (women and men).


This is a superb design for a money clip. As Montblanc is crafted in Milan, Italy, the quality of this item sports a ‘Made in Italy’ tag. The embossed Montblanc emblem is the focal piece of the Montblanc Star money clip. The embossed Montblanc emblem is the focal piece of the Montblanc Star money clip. The emblem is coated in a palladium finish for added security. This money clip is perfect for holding credit cards, paper currencies.

You can even place your business cards in the 6 credit card pockets fitted inside the main compartment. The design of this money clip makes it the perfect accessory for your suit and tie, or just on its own as casual weekend attire. Even if you wouldn’t take the clip out of your pocket, it is nice to know you have a money clip with you, as your pockets may not have much cash for secure keeping when one goes out. If your pockets do happen to have some cash in it, this is a great money clip to have and with the quality of genuine leather you will be pleased to show this off.

Quality and Workmanship:

With the exception of the emblem, everything is top notch. The leather is of the highest quality tanned by Italian leather makers, including the jacquard lining with Montblanc brand name and emblem. Nothing has been compromised on quality, just like all the Montblanc products. The only exception to the quality is the emblem itself as it has stains and a irregularly-shaped corners. It is almost as if someone tried to trim the emblem to shape it to perfection and it didn’t come out the way they wanted;instead, it came out looking so horribly that they decided that they would keep it like it is.


When you have your credit cards, paper currencies and other knickknacks inside your pocket it’s easy to lose your belongings. What’s worse is that one needs to go home and retrieve your treasures and other stuff you need from your pockets. Everything is not only thrown around the house, but all the cash is felt to be lost forever. Whether it’s a paper currency or credit cards and other stuff, you can now have them all in one place, especially when you get the money clip. This is key in keeping your stuff intact and not to get lost. Furthermore, the cash and credit cards can be separated and still you can keep your money together and in one place. Once you put your stuff inside the clip, you should fix it in place. This is typical in all money clips but with MontBlanc Money Clip, the clip is very sturdy and is firm enough to stay on your pocket. Furthermore, the clip would fit like a glove on your pocket so it won’t be digging and scratching your thigh continuously whenever you walk.

Value for Money:

The price of this product is higher or on par with that of other money clips. However, if you take into consideration the quality and the fact that this product is made in Italy, you would agree that this is a product worth the money that was paid. It may be more expensive, but the durability of this item is equivalent to its price.

Learn more or buy this money clip here.

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