Ink Review: Montblanc Petrol Blue Review

August 29, 2020
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Montblanc Petrol Blue Overview:

By introducing the new Petrol Blue Color of the Year collection, Montblanc strives to fulfill its dedication to writing culture and the pleasure of writing, bringing a fresh splash of color into the assortment each year with PIX, Fine Stationery and Writing Accessories. Petrol Blue ink follows the line of our promotional “Emerald Green”, “Lucky Orange”, and “Golden Yellow” colors of the year.

Ink Review: Montblanc Petrol Blue Review:

The color of Petrol Blue is between a very saturated blue, and a pull from black. When I first opened the bottle, I thought it was a very light turquoise, but the more I looked at it, the more blue it seemed to be. The great thing about this color is that it is very different from most other blue inks out there, and so its uniqueness was enough to draw me to it.

Exceptional Lubrication:

This ink has nearly perfect lubrication on all paper types except Tomoe River. This is extremely important for a blues ink in my opinion, as a wet enough ink is needed to balance out the sheen. Of course you do want a lubricated ink, and this ink does a great job of that, but just keep in mind that inks tend to feel more lubricated on a creamy paper and less lubricated on a rougher paper.

Dry Times:

This is a fantastic ink in terms of dry time for providing an extremely smudge resistant sheen. If you want to get rid of the sheen and smudges, and still want a non-smearing ink, this might be the right ink for you. This ink will still take a few seconds to smear, and has some shading to it as well.

Bleed Through:

The bleed-through is decent, especially on higher quality paper, like Rhodia. On lower-quality paper, like cheap copy paper, this ink bleeds like a typical wet ink.


The feathering is moderate, but for a saturated ink, it is more than respectable.


The shading in this ink is an extremely prominent sheen. If you know about sheens already, then this will not surprise you, but if you have never seen what sheens can do, I highly recommend you see it. The sheen combined with the light blue-black color is extremely eye catching.


Overall I would say that this is a very good, high quality ink that is both attractive and useful. The sheen on this ink is downright stunning, and the fact that it is pretty well behaved on most paper makes it extremely usable. This would surely be a good part of any collection, regardless of your writing style, and I would recommend giving this ink a try.

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