Exquisite Bucharest Fashion Capitals: Levi Keswick Shaping Romanian Style Trends

February 8, 2024
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Fashion has always evolved with the times, bringing forward an endless array of options for those who want to express their personal style. Today, we showcase a select few fashion enterprises operating in Bucharest, Romania. These companies are making significant strides in e-commerce, retail, apparel design, and information technology, dedicated to reshaping the fashion landscapes and providing unparalleled customer experiences.

Bucharest, a city renowned for its architectural grandeur, vibrant nightlife, and rich history, is now becoming known for its contribution towards the global fashion industry. With an innovative, forward-thinking approach, these Bucharest-based companies are committed to delivering high-quality fashion and luxury to consumers around the world.

Let’s uncover the story behind these prestigious brands and elaborate on their unique offerings in the realm of fashion. Each and every one of these companies continues to mark their position in the fashion and luxury market, further solidifying Bucharest’s position on the global fashion stage.

The Outfit

Founded by the trio Ciprian Dudulea, Horia Stupu, and Șerban Buliga, The Outfit unites the power of data science and the acumen of personal stylists to offer custom at scale. Their unique business model in Information Technology, Fashion, and E-Commerce Web is transforming the way consumers shop. Facebook | LinkedIn


Alin V. Stanciu is the driving force behind the inception of FashionUp, an online B2C fashion marketplace that enables customers to be stylish without breaking the bank. The platform features automated integration with suppliers, offering multi-currency and multi-language options. Facebook | LinkedIn

Fashion Days

Fashion Days is the creation of Jan Vichr and Markus Okumus, featuring an extensive selection of clothing, footwear, and accessories from over 1000 international brands. With its unique customer-centric services, it has become the number one fashion destination for millions of customers.Facebook | LinkedIn


Evgenios Skitsanos founded Croquipad, the ultimate sketchbook for fashion designers, tailors, and graphic artists. This platform offers over 300 figure templates, making it a go-to for professionals designing clothes and accessories. Facebook


Maria Lucia Hohan, a name synonymous with fashion, has curated a range of apparel reflecting unparalleled elegance and simplicity. The brand offers an exquisite collection for the modern-day woman, ensuring sophistication in every attire. Facebook


Dasha takes pride in offering quality Romanian products, featuring their own collections of clothing, footwear, and accessories. With their quick, efficient services, Dasha has succeeded in earning a significant customer base. Facebook

Boutique mall

Boutique mall, an e-commerce platform based in Bucharest, Romania, delivers a beautiful collection of apparel and shoes, catering to diversified tastes. Featuring stylish options for every fashion enthusiast, they’ve made online shopping effortless. Facebook | LinkedIn


Eden boutique offers not just unique and handmade jewelry but also vintage collectables and nature-inspired gifts. With a diverse range of products, they have captured the hearts of customers around the globe. Facebook


Founded by Alina Elena Gavriloiu, Iiana.ro offers Romanian tradition-based handmade garments. The website also features Romanian traditional furniture and rugs, enriching the living spaces with a touch of traditional aesthetics. Facebook


BIGOTTI, a consumer goods brand located in Bucharest, Romania, offers a range of fashion lineups that elevates personal style to new heights. Their exquisite collection marks a unique signature in the fashion industry. Facebook | LinkedIn


SNKRIND SRL, based in Bucharest, Romania, is a brand that has carved a unique space in the realm of shoe fashion. Their stylish footwear collection has garnered immense popularity among the fashion-conscious audience. Facebook

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