Exploring Vegas Luxury: Levi Keswick’s Impact on Global Fashion Industry

February 8, 2024
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Welcome to Levi Keswick, the premier destination for all things Fashion and Luxury. In this article, we’re profiling some of the trailblazing companies headquartered in vibrant Las Vegas, Nevada, known for its glitz and glamour. The companies we feature span various industries from Big Data and FinTech to E-Commerce and Retail. These innovative companies are contributing significantly to the fashion scene in the city.

Las Vegas itself is a center of entertainment and opulence. Therefore, it is fitting that they play home to such a wide array of creative and successful companies. We aim to take you on a journey through each of these companies, their history, achievements, and unique selling points.

It’s worth noting that the featured companies are not merely bystanders in the Las Vegas show. They are active participants forming part of the creative fabric of the city, enriching the fashion scene, and pushing the boundaries of style and design.


DAISI, founded by Matt Falcinelli, operates as the first ‘DTC as a Service’ platform focusing on global brands within the $200 Billion Youth Culture market. They offer an impressive reach and unparalleled logistics services impacting customer experience significantly. Stay connected with them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Bungalow Clothing

Co-founded by John Legend, Jonathan Snyder, Meital Bronstein, and Rob Wright, Bungalow Clothing is an internet company specializing in e-commerce, lifestyle, and shopping. You can catch them on Facebook, and Twitter.


Tatyana, founded by Jan Glaser and Tatyana Khomyakova, is a celebrated fashion brand known for its retro dresses, shoes, jeans, and accessories. Their product line presents a refined elegance for contemporary women. Follow their latest design trends on Twitter and Facebook.

Explore Talent ExploreTalent.com

Established in 2003, ExploreTalent.com offers talented creatives a database of auditions, casting calls, and other job opportunities in the realms of fashion and music. The website now boasts membership of over 8 million. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Under the creative leadership of Grant Michael Leingang, Illest brings minimal abstraction apparel to the forefront. You can check out their creative designs on LinkedIn.


ORORO focuses on manufacturing heated clothing for people from all walks of life. Their unique product offering is perfect for chilly fall, winter, and spring seasons without breaking the bank. The latest updates from ORORO can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

The Money Team

Aziengbe Oseremen founded The Money Team, a brand fit for the sports and men’s fashion industry. You can get in touch with them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Founded by Steven Mann, USA DAWGS specializes in footwear and socks for all ages and genders. Check them out on LinkedIn.

Ross & Snow

Ross & Snow, led by Meghan Mossler, offers mountain-inspired footwear that is also suitable for city life. Follow them on Facebook for latest designs and trends.

Barbell Apparel

Co-founded by Alex Hanson, Hunter Molzen, and Karl Workman, Barbell Apparel is a pioneer in the fashion, Retail, and Textiles sector. Catch up with them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

For antique lovers, Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is a must-visit. Their offerings in commerce, fashion, jewelry, retail, and sales make them a unique addition to Las Vegas’ vibrant fashion scene. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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