Exploring Milan Fashion Powerhouse: Pioneering Luxury Trends in Levi Keswick

February 8, 2024
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Milano, Lombardia: cradle of Italy’s high-end fashion and luxury industry, home to both established brands and emerging enterprises looking for innovative ways to reimagine and reshape the fashion landscape. This article spotlights ten companies based in Milano, Lombardia, operating across various aspects of the fashion industry, marrying craftsmanship with technology, creativity with commerce, and tradition with the future. These are stories of visionaries who are redefining the norms, challenging the status quo, and carving out space for themselves in the competitive world of fashion.

From B2B platforms connecting international brands with local artisans, fashion tech companies, eCommerce giants, to the pioneers in eyewear, home electronics made fashionable and a world-renowned source of environmental and ethical fashion apparel, Milano has it all. These companies have different stories, different founders, different products, but they all share common traits – passion, creativity and a profound commitment to excellence.

Let’s explore these companies, their ethos, their products and the visions that drive them towards uncharted territories, all while keeping their roots firmly grounded in the rich soils of Italian craftsmanship and design.

Italian Artisan

A B2B platform that bridges the gap between international brands and Italian manufacturers, Italian Artisan was founded by David Clementoni. This company uses its platform to promote and distribute Italian craftmanship throughout the world. This incredible platform is not only found on its Facebook page, but also on LinkedIn .

We Wear

A fashion tech innovation led by Antonio Carbonelli, Fabio Albizzati, and Federico Chiorino, We Wear collates and analyses anthropometric and biometric data to provide solutions to fashion companies in crafting bespoke garments. Find out its story and how it’s pushing boundaries on LinkedIn.


Established by Carlo Battaglino and Luca Labbadini, Lirecento is all about smart and accessibly trendy clothing. It’s been making waves throughout the industry, garnering attention on both its Facebook page and LinkedIn.


World-renowned luxury brand PRADA, founded by Mario Prada, offers not just a product but a lifestyle. Known for their intricate designs and top-notch quality, they continue to set the bar high for fashion and luxury. Follow them on Facebook or on Twitter to get the latest updates about their products and initiatives.


PrivateGriffe, an online fashion marketplace started by Francesca Bongiovanni and Maria Cecilia Andretta, provides a platform for fashionistas around the world. Stay connected with PrivateGriffe’sFacebook page and Twitter.


Founded by Imad El Kanj, ITALY’S GOT STYLE (IGS) is a digital multi-brand e-store catering to Middle Eastern consumers, allowing Italian mid-to-high brands to tap into the Middle Eastern market’s exceptional growth. Keep up with their story on Facebook or Twitter.


Quattrocento, conceived by Eugenio Pugliese and Sharon Ezra, melds the best designs of eyewear with 100% handcraftsmanship in Italy. Get updates from their Facebook page and Twitter.

Woodie Milano

Francesco Paolo Dolce’s brainchild, Woodie Milano, brings together Italian design and smart technology to turn everyday charging into something a bit more extraordinary. Stay plugged in through their Facebook page, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Wardroba Srl

Wardroba Srl is a hub of independent fashion brands offering a bevy of products, ranging from accessories to clothes to sunglasses. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Francesco Tetro, Gianluca Bogialli and Matteo Milione, NUSTOX.COM is an online retailer built more as a technology company that aims to be the benchmark in fashion and lifestyle storytelling. Keep updated with its developments on LinkedIn.

Save The Duck

Last, but certainly not least, Save The Duck is a fashion company known for its commitment to animal-friendly products. Stay tuned into their latest product releases through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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