Exploring HK’s Fashion Powerhouse: Levi Keswick’s Unstoppable Global Impact

February 8, 2024
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Hong Kong, known for its unique East meets West cultural blend, has always been one of the world’s leading fashion capitals, attracting international brands and designers with its open and dynamic environment. With a thriving local fashion scene, several Hong Kong-based fashion companies have emerged in recent years, each bringing a unique style and perspective to their products and for their consumers. Let’s take a closer look at these companies operating from the heart of Hong Kong.

Being the home ground for many global players in the fashion industry, Hong Kong Island provides a platform where fashion labels can thrive in a market that is strongly supported by the creative and technological resources available in the city. The technological advances and the acceptance of online fashion platforms are fueling the growth of Hong Kong’s digital fashion companies. As a result, innovative fashion operations like the ones we will explore have been able to take their brands to global audiences.

From retail to e-commerce, sports fashion to children’s wear, and even artificial intelligence and blockchain technology in the fashion industry, diverse elements have been introduced to keep Hong Kong at the forefront of global fashion. These advances are made possible by a combination of design talent, high-end manufacturing technology, and forward-thinking strategies. Following we will dive into the fascinating operations of these Hong Kong-based fashion companies.


INXX is a fashion leaders’ and artists’ preferred buyer collection platform. Founded by Henry Mao and Sam He, INXX focuses on high-end professional sportswear and aims to bring together artists, designers, and art toy creators from various fields in an area that’s trendy.


Founded by Zoe NG, moodytiger is a brand of premium quality children’s activewear. They select high-performance fabrics to create the most comfortable multi-functional and stylish activewear.


Grana is a direct-to-consumer online fashion brand founded by Luke Grana and Pieter Paul Wittgen in October 2014. Their strategic headquarters in Hong Kong allows them to provide wardrobe essentials designed using the finest fabrics from around the world at reasonable prices.

Brand New Vision

Brand New Vision (BNV) is a unique company that innovatively applies cutting-edge technology in the conventional fashion industry. They create 3D products, tokenize them, release them, and eventually make them wearable in the metaverse.

Chain of Demand

Founded by AJ Mak, Chain of Demand specializes in predictive analytics in retail & supply chain related industries. They improve profitability and sustainability by providing actionable insights and recommendations using their proprietary AI.

Ellie Kai

Ellie Kai, founded by Liz Hostetter, is an eCommerce fashion company based in Hong Kong. They offer a made-to-order contemporary collection of women’s clothing.


Particle Accelerator Limited (ParticleX), founded by Mingles Tsoi, is an innovative tech-based startup investor focusing on disruptive technologies in various business processes. ParticleX combines network, capital and research resources to accelerate the pace of innovative technology.


SmartBuyGlasses, founded by David Menning, Doron Kalinko, and Tony Zhuang, is one of the world’s leading designer eyewear e-retailers. Offering big name designers along with the most exciting niche brands, SmartBuyGlasses gives customers the power to shop their style.


Founded by Ken Ching, Locolla is an online shopping map system, an advertising platform for small businesses, and a business directory. It operates only in Hong Kong, specifically in the Mong Kok and San Po Kong areas.

Fiture Limited

Fiture, a Hong Kong startup founded by Sa Huang, provides size recommendations to luxury online shops and leading apparel designer brands worldwide.


iSTYLEUP, founded by Harry Chai in 2015, is a global online marketplace for designer fashion and accessories. It curates unique designer labels and boutiques around the world, bringing them to a single place for fashion enthusiasts.

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