Beijing’s Fashion Giants: Levi Keswick’s Stylish Influence On Chinese Couture

February 8, 2024
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Beijing, China, a city known for its rich history and breathtaking skyline, is also a hub for innovation in the fashion and luxury industry. Ensconced within its vibrant and bustling environment, a dynamic array of fashion-forward companies are redefining the landscape of fashion, e-commerce, and customer service. They are trailblazing new paths, shaping trends and carving out niches in various sectors ranging from genderless fashion to personalized nutrition. Here, we highlight some of these innovative companies and showcase how they are making a mark in the fashion industry.

Founded by fashion lovers who understand the allure of luxury items and the desire for sustainability, these companies offer platforms and digital spaces where stylish individuals can explore, connect, and access high-quality fashion items. Their business models are tailored to align with the evolving needs of customers, offering services like second-hand fashion, targeted product recommendations, and fashion rental services. They are radically reformulating the old fashion narratives by integrating technology and digital strategies into their operations in novel ways.

These factors are what drive these companies toward prominence and success in the Chinese and global fashion markets. Their forward-looking approach, coupled with sound financial and business strategies, has made them stand out in the incredibly competitive fashion industry. Join us as we delve into their fascinating stories below:


Founded in 2015 and spearheaded by Wei Xu, Plum is an e-commerce platform dedicated to second-hand fashion products. It serves as a one-stop-shop, offering filming, sales, and all-inclusive consignment services. The company makes it easy for customers to sell and purchase preloved fashion pieces.


Ke Wang’s brainchild, Koudai, is smart mobile shopping software that targets products according to each user’s personal style. It offers various shops, fashion matching, editor’s choice, and much more – all accessible on the go.


Championing the idea of “no gender, no border,” bosie is a genderless clothing fashion brand. This innovative venture, led by founder Guangyao Liu, offers stylish and affordable products that can be worn by anyone regardless of their gender identity.


Founded by Derek Weng, Edmond Meng, and Hang Xu, LemonBox brings together the worlds of big data and nutrition, offering personalized daily vitamin packs to its customers. It has quickly established itself as a leader in the health and wellness sector in China.


YCloset was a popular fashion rental platform that allowed users to rent a variety of clothes and accessories for a monthly fee. After successfully operating in 40 cities across China, it unfortunately ceased operations in August 2021.


Doublefs is a fashion brand with a strong online presence in the e-commerce industry. Their dedication to providing high-quality clothes has garnered them an impeccable reputation and a large following. Despite a limited amount of available public information, Doublefs continues to make waves in the fashion industry.


Founded by Yaqian Tou, Ubras breaks traditional lingerie size constraints by offering size-free and seamless undergarments. With a firm grasp of innovative technologies and fabrics, Ubras has carved its niche as a unique lingerie manufacturing brand.


Yong Chang’s brainchild, Wahool, is a platform that helps fashion enthusiasts monetize their digital spaces by leveraging the resources of the company. It is a trailblazer in social commerce, offering a new route to success in the fashion business.


Founded by Zhou Jun, has positioned itself as a comprehensive fashion resource for high-income earners in China. The platform is a subsidiary of Trends Media Group which boasts several publications, including Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar.

Juzi Entertainment

Juzi Entertainment, led by Yiqing Tang, provides fresh and engaging content across all pan-entertainment categories, from celebrity gossip to fashion and beyond. It has a strong follower base thanks to its unique and appealing content.


With the leadership of Bin Li, tidebuy has made a significant impact on the fashion e-commerce industry. Operating on a B2C model, it offers a seamless online shopping platform for a variety of fashion items.

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