Worst Upgrades You Can Install on Your Vehicle

Worst Upgrades You Can Install on Your Vehicle
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With how many different parts, accessories, and changes you can make to your vehicle, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices. However, not every change you make to your vehicle is necessarily a beneficial one. To save money and protect your car, you should be aware of some of the worst upgrades you can install on your vehicle.

Scissor Doors

First created by Lamborghini to compensate for a design flaw, scissor doors have become iconic and synonymous with luxury cars. These are the doors that go up and a little bit out rather than swinging open. Many people have tried to mimic scissor doors for other car models, but this is almost always a bad idea.

Manufacturers made it so Lamborghinis could support the extra weight of scissor doors, but other cars can’t, which could potentially cause the doors to snap off. Furthermore, scissor doors can be a liability in an accident. Should your vehicle flip over, emergency responders will have a harder time opening the doors to let you out.

Giant Rims

Not to be confused with low-profile rims, giant rims may look stylish but can be chaotic on your car’s suspension. While you can customize your rims to look a certain way, you need to consider what kind your vehicle needs before you buy your new rim set to ensure you’re not destroying your car in the long run. Eventually, a damaged suspension could become a real danger on the road, as you lose your ability to control your vehicle.

Tint Jobs

This is one of the worst upgrades you can install on your vehicle if you don’t find a professional to do it for you. While proper tint jobs can give your car a more distinguished appearance and provide you with more privacy and shade, it has the opposite effect if done poorly. A bad tint job will bubble up and flake, making it look cheap, tacky, and unappealing.

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