Why You Should Buy Hair Products From a Professional

Why You Should Buy Hair Products From a Professional

February 26, 2021
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As a consumer in the Western world, you have an abundance of choices in almost everything. A trip to the grocery store has you choosing from one of thirty different loaves of bread. When it comes to hair products, you can pore over an entire aisle of bottles, tubs, and tubes trying to find the brand that’s best for you.

One small problem—none of those brands is best. When you buy hair products from traditional retailers, you’re wasting packaging, money, and costly hair treatments just to save a few bucks. The hair salon you trust to make your hair look your best has the products you need to keep it that way. Here are three reasons why you should buy hair products from a professional stylist whom you trust.

Less Is More

You may be put off by the high prices of hair products from your salon. The low, low prices of what you can find at your supermarket or hypermarket may especially give you a case of sticker shock. But the reason you can buy a bottle of shampoo for $1.29 is that most of it is water. The active ingredients are watered down, and before you know it, you’re back at the store to pick up another $1.29 bottle. Salon shampoos, conditioners, and other products use better ingredients and less water. Your purchases will be more effective, you won’t have to pour so much in your hair each time, and they’ll last longer.

Protect Your Color

Going to the salon for professional coloring is a considerable investment in your beauty. Don’t devalue your coloring sessions with shampoos and conditioners you grabbed off the shelf at a big-box store. Drugstore hair products contain harsh detergents that will strip and fade your hair almost as quickly as you and your stylist made the change. These are sufficient for ordinary people’s ordinary use, but your extraordinary color demands a gentler touch that you can only get from salon-quality products, and the best products omit these popular, cheap, and damaging detergents and surfactants. It’s a complementary investment in your hair that pays off by keeping you from revisiting your colorist ahead of schedule.

Clearance Calamities

Have you ever been shocked to discover high-end salon products at your local discounter? You should be. They don’t belong there. Luxury products in non-luxury locations are anything but a pleasant surprise. Retailers who get salon-exclusive products from a wholesaler are often buying expired and unreliable products that hair salons wouldn’t take. Just as you wouldn’t eat expired food, you shouldn’t put expired product in your hair, either. This is why you should buy hair products from a professional stylist or cosmetologist—you can trust that their salon is only carrying stock that’s worthy of your beautiful hair.

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