What You Should Gift the Bride and Groom

What You Should Gift the Bride and Groom

September 17, 2021
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When planning to gift a soon-to-be-married couple, there’s always the usual present ideas—mostly kitchen equipment and bathroom supplies. But besides the usual suspects, go into the ceremony knowing what you should gift the bride and groom to make the day more special. Whether it’s something practical, sentimental, or that adds beauty to the day, offer them something they may not expect but will value greatly.

Anniversary Journal

The newly married couple will want to celebrate the day for years to come, and the best way they can memorialize that is with an anniversary journal. When the day comes around, they can record how they spent the day, whether it’s going to a favorite spot or a gathering with friends and family.

The journal will allow them to reflect on the past and reminisce about all the time they spent together celebrating their love and devotion. It’s something they will use for years and will give them great amounts of joy later in life.

Date Night Coupon Book

Or, instead of giving them a booklet to record their memories, you can gift the couple a way to directly celebrate their love in the weeks and months to come. A coupon journal provides the bride and groom with a stacked supply of money to go out and try all sorts of activities, whether it’s something familiar or entirely new.

After the stress of a ceremony, the couple will want some time to themselves to relax and enjoy life, and a coupon book offers that chance. It also has the added benefit of giving them ideas for date nights that they may not consider otherwise. It’s a way for them to explore new things and possibly discover new and fun activities to do together.

Hawaiian Lei

A creative gift to give to the bride and groom, Hawaiian lei necklaces have the double purpose of being a beautiful gift as well as one with significant meaning behind it. The aroma they exude and the wonderful colors on display add to the aesthetics of the wedding, highlighting the beauty of the married couple.

But the necklaces, in Hawaiian culture, symbolizes the commitment and love between the bride and groom. The necklaces connect them and bind them together for all the years to come. Be aware of the different types of leis, as some are more appropriate for general get-togethers, while others are more specifically for weddings.

Make the Present Special

Always consider the bride and groom when selecting a present; give them something they’ll love, get use out of, and appreciate for years to come. Whether you want to gift them with something with inherent meaning or something they add sentimental meaning to later, consider how they’ll benefit the most from your present.

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