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Versatile & Best Luxury Golf Brands

October 21, 2020
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Fashion and style have always played a key role in the sport of golf and never has this been truer than today. Players at amateur and professional levels are becoming increasingly conscious of their clothing whilst on the course, not to mention their demands for the performance of the clothing is ever increasing. Golf clothing these days needs to look great and perform even better to ensure players are getting the most out of themselves on and off the course.

Understand Luxury Golf Brands?

On the courses, current trends include clothing that are reminiscent of the classic styles that have been associated with the sport with rich colors such as white, green, navy and black. Golfers must be able to move freely in their clothing which means comfort and breathability are paramount. This does not mean that golfers must be subjected to wearing boring clothing; the color scheme on this season’s clothing is rich and vibrant while also being a key performance component in keeping players cool and comfortable.

The Versatility of Luxury Golf Brands

Golfers want their clothing to perform well for them without necessitating a lot of fuss in regards to preparation and packing of their wardrobe. It is becoming increasingly common for golfers to travel on business and pleasure from time to time, with the popularity of “staycations” and the ability to make weekend excursions out of a short trip from home. This has led to the evolution of performance clothing that is also stylish and offers great comfort during the golfing experience. Golf clothing must be able to withstand a busy lifestyle, while still looking great when worn socially.

The important thing to remember when choosing a luxury golf brand is that it must be one that can be worn both on and off the golf course. In the golf industry today, the ability to pair the right polo with your golf shorts to make you look professional whilst not sacrificing on comfort. The polo must still be able to take a long day on the course or a round of shots in the club and still look great when worn for a night out with friends.

Some of the cuts and finishes on polos have changed as well to reflect the trends for slimmer cuts that can be dressed up for more formal occasions. Athletic shorts such as football inspired shorts have grown in popularity, as the leg cut allows for comfort when walking and bending over.

The game of golf is becoming increasingly performance based, with golfers keen to improve their game. Performance wear that is stylish and comfortable is and can be the difference between a good shot and a spectacular shot.

Sports clothing more than just white and yellow

Playing golf is not a cheap sport. Your clubs may have cost you thousands, you may have paid hundreds of dollars for lessons at the driving range and travel to the golf course may set you back a couple of hundred dollars a year. However, the biggest expense comes in the clothing you wear. Wearing a colored shirt or trousers may seem silly, but it does have an important role to play, as well as looking a little bit more stylish.

White is a classic color for shirts and trousers because it really does not show dirt and it is easy to see and spot it when you have an errant shot. It is a good choice of color for anyone and because the colors used are easily identifiable, they give you a shout out when you have an errant shot. You will be able to find the ball easily without any problems.

However, white is a good color to wear when you are playing in places that are hot and dry. It is a good color to wear when you are playing golf in a challenging environment, and is ideal for all weather conditions.

What happens when you are playing in colder weather, or it snows? You might need a different color of clothing on, so that you are able to play in a comfortable manner. The YELLOW shirt color can be used as an alternative. This color is there so that you can find your golf ball in these conditions. It is a good idea to wear these when you are playing in these conditions when playing in driving ranges, or when playing golf in the snow. When you want to play in a challenging environment, wearing a shirt that is either white or yellow is a good idea.

Though, if you want a fashion statement or want to be easily identifiable, then you should wear colored clothing, and your clothing can give you a little bit of an edge over your opponents. Your clothing should not be so bright that it endangers other players, but picking an off white or colored shirt can help you out because it is easy to spot, and can help you to get on with your game of golf a little bit easier.

When it comes to shoes, then your choice of color of shoe really does not matter too much. If you are playing golf despite the weather, then a black color is going to be your best bet, because it will not get damaged in water. If you are playing golf in hot and humid conditions and you have to walk across muddy patches, then you can select a colored shoe.

Your choice of color may not make a difference to your game, but it will definitely make you look good, and you will be happy about that.

It does not matter if you are wearing a shirt that is black, white or red as long as you are playing the game of golf. However, you might want to wear something that is a bit more of a fashion statement and that can give you an edge over your opponents. That will be easy to achieve if you wear a colored shirt, or a different color that allows you to be easily identifiable.

Fashion Statement

When you are playing golf, your clothing will really not make a difference to your game. However, when you are playing in challenging conditions, such as when it is raining or when it is snowing, then wearing the right color can make a difference to your game. It will make your life a lot easier, and you will be a lot happier. When you are playing in a challenging environment, having the right color can allow you to find your golf ball or allow you to spot your club easier. However, wearing colors that are easily identifiable is always a good idea, so that you can be easily found by other players who are on the course.

Your clothing does make a difference when you are playing golf, and it can give you the edge over your opponents. Your clothing should not be so brightly colored that it is a hazard to yourself or other players; however, wearing an off white or colored shirt can help you out because it is easy to see and spot it. You white shirt when you are playing golf in challenging conditions. Having the right colors will also help you to get on with your game of golf, because you will be easier to spot by other players, and you will not have to throw away a lot of time searching for balls that have landed in awkward places.


This product was recommended by Regina A. DeMeo from N/A

Everything they make is high quality– their gloves feel like butter on your hand, the compression socks are amazing, and their shirts have great stitching & style. Even the packaging is very nice, and comes with a ball marker. There’s always a return label included so returns are super easy, and their customer service is quite responsive.


This product was recommended by Muhammad Mateen Khan from PureVPN

What was once described as the “world’s first truly premium sports brand” is also one of the best luxury golf apparel brands. If you want a golf shirt that will basically last forever, pick up the Keane Polo, aka the “most advanced polo in the world.” Every Castore product is the result of an uncompromising search for the marginal details that allow sports garments to outperform when it matters most. using unique fabric blends and rigorous testing by elite athletes, we leave no stone unturned in creating products that are technically superior to anything else in the sportswear market.


This product was recommended by Jon Tabbernor from ReachPar

I feel that Bonobos are making a name for themselves as a luxury golf brand. They stock a range of golf attire that has a luxury look and feel while also being designed for performance. Not only that but leading golfers on tour are wearing their gear now too such as former world number one Justin Rose.


This product was recommended by Evan Leonard from Direct Golfers

The Titleist brand is one of the best in the world. They continue to provide quality golf equipment and apparel every single year. Well known for their golf ball collection, I personally use what many say is the #1 ball in golf, the Titleist Pro V1. You can always expect top tear quality products from this brand.


This product was recommended by Sam Harper from Benjo’s

Benjo’s colorful golf laces a great way to add a bit of personality to your golf game. Our 12 different colors of golf laces make sure you look great, even if your game doesn’t.


This product was recommended by Tess DiNapoli from GGblue

This brand caters to female golfers out there who are looking for a comfortable apparel they can use whether they’re running errands, going on a road trip, or playing golf. A number of their products feature UPF 30 + for sun protection, and anti-microbial, and moisture wicking finish to keep you cool and dry. Definitely the perfect choice for summer.

TruGolf Simulators

This product was recommended by Denny Putsh from Hitting the Golf Ball

When the weather turns bad or schedules are too booked up to allow a trip to the course, golfers turn to indoor golf simulators to get their fix. For those golfers who have grown up beyond cheap simulators and are ready for a luxury setup, there is no better choice than the TruGolf Vista simulators. TruGolf offers completely immersive indoor golf experiences from top to bottom. They sell their simulators as complete cohesive kits from the projector to the launch monitor. TruGolf has taken out all the guesswork of trying to piecemeal together a net with a screen with a hitting mat and so on. Instead, all you need is a dedicated, climate-controlled room that meets their dimensions (15’W x 20’D x 10’H) and after a quick installation, you’ll be ready to whack away into golf simulation opulence for years to come. With the TruGolf Vista 12 Pro, you’ll be guaranteed the most luxurious indoor golf simulation setup on the market.

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