Utrecht’s Elite Event Management: Unveiling Industry Excellence in Levi Keswick

February 7, 2024
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The city of Utrecht in The Netherlands boasts an eclectic mix of companies navigating and leading the event management industry. From those focused on reinforcing security in crowded scenarios to catering and rental property services, these businesses offer a wide array of solutions tailored for any event. Here is a closer look at a few of these companies, their areas of expertise, and what sets them apart.


Developing advanced software for crowd simulations, uCrowds aims to enhance safety during large-scale events. Founded by Roland Geraerts, this company operates within the realms of artificial intelligence, computing, gaming, event management, simulation, and software development. Their robust crowd simulation engine is designed to execute a variety of scenarios from evacuations to sports events. You can connect with them on Twitter @u_crowds.

TSC Crowd Management

Ensuring security for events, TSC Crowd Management streamlines professional services. They’re renowned industry leaders when it comes to reliable event management and security. Keep up with their activities on Twitter @thesecuritycomp, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Amplify EventMarketing

Amplify EventMarketing lends its prowess in the spheres of advertising, event management, and marketing, offering premium support for sales and business growth. From producing presentation materials to managing client portfolios, their tailored services help businesses flourish. Amplify can be found on Twitter @AmplifyEvent, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


Blending event management with media and entertainment, Sprekershuys is making waves in the facilities support services industry. Stay tuned for their innovative strategies on Twitter @sprekershuysnl, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


Specialised in graphic design and web hosting, Kalipso provides top-notch exhibition support and stage design for events. Connect with them over their Facebook page.

De Zalen van Zeven

With a focus on event management, hospitality, and catering services, De Zalen van Zeven also provides event spaces for rent. Founded by Elianne Alblas-Angenent and Misja Alblas, they capture audiences on Twitter @dezalenvanzeven, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Rouvoet & Renes

Standing tall in the events and trade show management industry, Rouvoet & Renes provides refined event management services.

My Dream Wedding

Perfecting the art of wedding management, My Dream Wedding is known for its detailed approach towards modern weddings. Follow their beautiful work on their Facebook page.

Event Inspiration

Influencing the events industry, Event Inspiration offers change-making advice to event moguls. Check out their fascinating work on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Revolutionising customer engagements for event sponsors, brands, and organizers, Groovidi uses its marketing platform to amplify their client’s success. Stay current with them on Twitter @groovidi, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


Operating in the field of project management software and technical support, TOT caters to various sectors within the event management industry. Stay in touch on their LinkedIn page and Facebook profile.

These companies, based in Utrecht, amalgamate experience, talent, and innovation to drive the happening event management industry forward. From software to services, they represent an impressive blend of technology and creativity.

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