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Useful Checklist Of The Things You Need To Inspect Before Moving To A New Home

August 19, 2022
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Moving into a new house can be very exciting, but it can also be very stressful. One of the most stressful things about moving house (which doesn’t happen to everybody, thankfully) is discovering that there are problems with your new home which you weren’t told about by the agent before you bought it or leased it, which you now have to repair yourself.

If you are interested in finding out what things you need to check for when moving into a new house, then keep reading.


If you are moving to a region with very warm weather, then ideally the house that you are buying should come with AC. AC stands for air conditioning and is a necessity in states and countries where there is a warm and humid climate. If the house that you are buying doesn’t come with it, then that could mean that you have to pay a fortune to have it installed. If you are going to have it installed privately, then make sure that you choose a professional and experienced company to fit it for you.


Before buying a house (or moving into a new one), you need to be sure that there’s no mold. It’s highly likely that there is if the house has been vacant for a while before you purchased it since the mold tends to grow in abandoned places. While most mold is completely harmless, some types can seriously impact your health. The worst type of mold is black mold, which can kill people. If you find mold in your new house, then you should ask the current owner (if you have not yet purchased it) to get it professionally removed or hire a mold removal agent yourself if you have already taken ownership.


Dampness and mold tend to go hand in hand. If there is mold in your house, then there is probably dampness, too (and vice versa). Mould isn’t the only negative thing that dampness can cause though, because dampness also attracts insects. If you notice that there is dampness in your new house, then take the time to do a little investigating, and try to see if you can find evidence of there being insects. If there is then you will need to hire a pest removal agency. You also need to identify the cause of the dampness. If you do not treat dampness, then mold will continue to grow, insects will eventually come, and your home’s walls or flooring could begin to rot.


Dampness is usually caused by leaky pipes. If you are not a trained plumber, however, then it’s a very bad idea for you to try and fix these yourself. A lot of people do try to resolve their own plumbing issues, but this is because they are trying to save money and fail to recognize that plumbing can be very complex. If you do notice dampness or any kind of plumbing-related issue, then you need to reach out to a professional plumber and ask them to come in and fix your house for you. Plumbers can be expensive but leaving leaky pipes and other plumbing issues unfixed will just result in them getting a lot worse, which will cost you more in the future.

Electrical Issues

One thing that you need to check that’s very important is your new home’s electrical system. If you do notice any problems with it, then it is absolutely crucial that you don’t try to make repairs yourself. If you are not a trained and experienced electrician, then trying to make changes to your home’s electrical system yourself could result in you killing or seriously injuring yourself. Electricity isn’t something that should be played around with. It requires years of training to be able to safely handle your home’s electrical system.

Structural Problems

Structural problems are another thing that needs to be checked. If the house that you buy has structural problems, then you could have to pay tens of thousands to get them repaired. It’s worth noting that in some places, there are legal protections in place if a house is sold with structural problems. You can take the former owner to court and sue them for selling you a house that’s dangerous to live in. You mustn’t ever attempt to fix structural problems in your house yourself, since this can make the problems a lot worse. Always hire a professional contractor to fix structural problems for you.

Buying a new house can be very exciting. Before putting any money down, however, you need to thoroughly check your new property for any problems. Failing to do so could leave you out of pocket and in danger.

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