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Unveiling the Legality: Can You Buy Alcohol on Amazon?

June 24, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • Buying alcohol on Amazon is subject to strict rules and regulations, varying by country and state.
  • Amazon requires age verification and compliance with local laws to purchase alcohol.
  • Some U.S. states prohibit alcohol sales on Amazon, while others allow it with age verification and proper licensing.
  • Amazon Prime offers alcohol delivery in select regions, but delivery fees may apply.
  • Alternatives to Amazon for online alcohol purchases include totalwine,, cwspirits, drizly, and uptown spirits.
  • Selling alcohol on Amazon is possible but comes with licensing requirements and potential state restrictions.
  • The number of alcohol bottles you can order on Amazon is not limited, but delivery times may vary.

In the age of e-commerce, online shopping has become increasingly popular, offering convenience and a wide range of products. Amazon, the retail giant, has become a go-to platform for various goods. However, when it comes to purchasing alcohol, there are specific legal considerations and restrictions that need to be taken into account. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of buying alcohol on Amazon, including the regulations, alternatives, and limitations.

Amazon Alcohol Delivery Rules: Navigating Legal Requirements

Alcohol delivery is governed by strict rules and regulations globally, with the United States imposing particularly stringent measures. To purchase alcohol from Amazon, you must be of legal drinking age, which can be either 18 or 21 depending on the state. However, even if you meet the age requirement, the availability of alcohol on Amazon is contingent upon the specific regulations of your state.

When ordering alcohol on Amazon, you will need to comply with the platform’s rules and provide a valid form of identification, such as an ID, passport, driver’s license, or military identification. Additionally, the delivery options for alcohol may vary based on your region and whether you are an Amazon Prime member. While Amazon Prime offers more flexibility in alcohol delivery, there may be delivery fees associated with the service.

It’s important to note that Amazon’s alcohol delivery services are currently available in select regions across the United States, including major cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle. These services may be subject to change, so it’s advisable to check Amazon’s website for the most up-to-date information on alcohol delivery in your area.

Amazon Liquor Store: Exploring the Beverage Selection

Within the Amazon platform, you can find a wide variety of alcoholic beverages. The categories for alcohol include beer, cocktail mixers, spirits, and wine. While the spirits and cocktail mixers categories offer an extensive range of options, beer and wine tend to be popular choices for online purchases.

Some notable beer brands available on Amazon include Athletic Brewing Company, Guinness Pub Draft, Blue Moon Belgian Wheat Ale, Lagunitas Brewing, and Sierra Nevada. In the wine category, you can find popular selections like Three Wishes, Josh Cellars, Cloudveil, Areche, and Underwood Cellars. It’s worth exploring the listings within each category to find the specific brand and type of alcohol that suits your preferences.

Why Doesn’t Amazon Sell Alcohol Everywhere?

The availability of alcohol for purchase on Amazon is not universal due to legal restrictions and licensing requirements. Each country and state has its own regulations governing the sale and delivery of alcohol. While Amazon does offer alcohol in certain locations, there are states where it is prohibited. In the United States, selling alcohol is a complex and highly regulated process, with states responsible for establishing their own rules within the framework of federal laws.

Navigating the intricate landscape of alcohol sales within the United States can be challenging for online retailers, which is why some choose not to offer alcohol delivery. However, Amazon continues to sell alcohol in regions where it is legally permitted, adhering to the respective state regulations.

Exploring Alternatives for Online Alcohol Purchases

If you are unable to purchase alcohol on Amazon due to state restrictions or other limitations, there are alternative online platforms that specialize in alcohol sales. Some notable alternatives include totalwine,, cwspirits, drizly, uptown spirits, and Berevita (for Europe). These platforms provide an array of alcoholic beverages and may offer delivery services within your region.

It’s essential to research and understand the specific regulations and availability in your area before considering alternative platforms for purchasing alcohol online. Different platforms may have varying delivery options, fees, and product selections, so it’s advisable to explore multiple options to find the best fit for your needs.

Selling Alcohol on Amazon: Requirements and Considerations

While it is possible to sell alcohol on Amazon, the process is not as straightforward as one might assume. Selling alcohol requires meeting specific licensing requirements and adhering to regulations set forth by both federal and state authorities. Additionally, not all states permit alcohol sales on Amazon, further complicating the process.

Retailers interested in selling alcohol on Amazon must ensure they fulfill the necessary licensing obligations and comply with the laws of the states in which they wish to sell their products. The costs and complexities associated with obtaining licenses and meeting legal requirements can be significant, potentially making it more feasible for wholesalers rather than individual retailers to engage in alcohol sales on the platform.

Ordering Multiple Bottles: No Limitations, but Consider Delivery Times

When it comes to the number of alcohol bottles you can order on Amazon, there is generally no explicit restriction. You can purchase as many bottles as you desire, provided you are of legal drinking age and comply with the applicable laws and regulations in your state.

However, it’s worth noting that ordering a significant quantity of bottles may impact delivery times. Shipping larger quantities may require additional processing and packaging, potentially resulting in longer delivery times. While this should not prevent you from ordering the desired quantity, it’s essential to be aware of the potential logistical considerations.

In Summary: Navigating the World of Online Alcohol Purchases

Buying alcohol on Amazon is subject to various legal considerations and restrictions. The rules surrounding alcohol delivery differ by country and state, making it crucial to understand the specific regulations in your area. While Amazon offers alcohol delivery services in select regions, availability may vary based on licensing and state restrictions.

If purchasing alcohol on Amazon is not an option in your state, there are alternative platforms that specialize in online alcohol sales. Exploring these platforms can provide you with a range of choices and delivery options to suit your preferences.

Remember, the responsible consumption of alcohol is important, and always ensure you are complying with the legal drinking age and regulations in your jurisdiction.

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