Unique Ways To Use Your Spare Bedroom

Unique Ways To Use Your Spare Bedroom

February 9, 2021
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If you’ve recently upgraded to a larger home or apartment, you may find yourself with a spare room. Instead of dedicating the room to odds and ends, spruce it up to be an asset to your home! There are plenty of unique ways to use your spare bedroom that cater to entertainment, hobby, or storage needs. Discover how to design your extra space.

Guest Bedroom

Do you have a bedroom aesthetic you’ve always wanted to try, but never had the chance to? Take advantage of your spare bedroom and create the setup of your dreams.

Quarantine is the perfect time to build out a bedroom’s full potential. Tend to an elegant yet versatile design that’s suitable and accessible for all ages. By the time you can safely and comfortably have guests over, you’ll have the perfect spot for them to stay the night.

Man Cave or She Shed

Transform your extra room into a personal space of your own. There’s a variety of ways to design your man cave or she shed, each sure to add entertainment value to your home. A cinema buff, social media influencer, sports fan, avid reader, experimenting mixologist—anyone can benefit from having a specific room dedicated to their favorite hobbies.You can find out more about other hobbies at CartBig.com.

Home Office

Many folks have transitioned to work from home over the past year. If that includes you, then you know how stressful and mind boggling it can be to work in a space that’s not designed for productivity. Skip working where you watch TV, sleep, or eat, by warping the spare bedroom into a home office.

Even if you are not working from home, a custom home office is one of the unique ways to use your spare bedroom that will contribute to productivity across the board. Assemble the art portfolio you’ve put off, journal to your heart’s content, and get around to that top-selling novel you’ve had your eye on in the comfort and quiet of your new home office.

Dressing Room

What better way to make your home feel luxurious than with a personalized dressing room? With a room-turned-wardrobe, the days of overcrowded closets are over.

You can install shelving to accommodate your epic shoe game and extra hanging rods for your seasonal wear. Don’t forget full-length mirrors for routine outfit checks.

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