Unique Flooring Options for Your Home

Unique Flooring Options for Your Home

June 26, 2020
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Any homeowner knows the basic aspects of interior design. Paint color, art, décor, and furnishings all complete a home’s interior. You also can’t neglect the flooring— here are some unique flooring options for your home to consider, with some advantages and disadvantages of each.


Laminate flooring is a common option for homeowners. Thin veneer layers of plywood and compressed fiber make up this type of flooring. The top layer is a photograph of wood, stone, tile, or another material under a plastic coating. The laminate comes in either planks or tiles, which are installed without glue or nails. The material is perfect for DIY installation, but be cautious when placing it near corners or doors. You should also know that laminate can be dangerous when wet, and water can penetrate through the material if left unattended. Laminates also can’t be refinished—only replaced.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is the perfect option for people who want a pottery-like floor. This hard material is versatile, coming in many different shapes, colors, and patterns. There are also many types to choose from, such as glazed ceramic, porcelain, quarry tile, and terracotta. Glazed ceramic and porcelain have a finished glaze that provides extra protection against liquids, making for a stain-free, low-maintenance option. Quarry tile is the most durable and slip-resistant, while terracotta has the most natural tones. With its many colors and shapes, ceramic tile fits almost any home. It requires little maintenance, but some owners dislike the cold, hard feel under their feet compared to other flooring options.


Hardwood is a unique flooring option for your home that offers the best aesthetic and value. Its elegance, beauty, and simplicity make up for the cost and installation. Like other materials, there are many types of hardwood floors available. These can range from strips to planks made from many kinds of woods. The most popular include oak, maple, cherry, and mahogany. Cheaper hardwood floors are available unfinished, but this will require you to sand and finish them yourself. Alternatively, factory-installed finishes are more durable, but they can come at a steep cost.


Lastly, bamboo is an exotic hardwood alternative available in planks or strips. With many different grain patterns available, you can choose between darker flat-grain strips, vertical-grain strips, or end-grain strips. Bamboo is a tough flooring option that can withstand constant use. However, like hardwood, bamboo can scratch and dent if poorly treated.

Bamboo is often advertised as an eco-friendly flooring alternative, but this can mislead consumers. Some farmers and manufacturers cut corners with harmful environmental practices, such as chemical use, improper harvesting, and unfair trade practices.

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