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Unearthing the Mysteries of the 1970 Nickel: A Comprehensive Guide

July 18, 2023
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Key takeaways:

  • The 1970 Jefferson Nickel holds a unique place in numismatic history, despite its seemingly ubiquitous presence.
  • The value of a 1970 nickel depends on various factors, including the specific mint mark, condition, and any potential errors.
  • The 1970 nickel is recognized for its distinct design, the product of a competition-winning design by Felix Schlag.
  • Error coins, especially those from the 1970 s nickel error list, can significantly increase the value of the coin for collectors.
  • The “Full Steps” feature is a desirable trait that can enhance the coin’s value.

The Remarkable Journey of the 1970 Jefferson Nickel

The 1970 Jefferson Nickel marks an important milestone in the history of American coinage. It was part of the Jefferson series, which began in 1938, replacing the iconic Buffalo Nickel. The design was the result of a competition won by Felix Schlag, whose depiction of Thomas Jefferson and his Monticello home graced the nickel until 2004.

The Jefferson Nickel’s design changed in 2004, but the coins minted before this year, including the 1970 variant, are still in circulation today. Interestingly, the value of these nickels is tied to the market prices of copper, a key component of their composition.

Striking Features of the 1970 Jefferson Nickel

The 1970 Jefferson Nickel may be considered a “modern” coin, but it certainly has its unique charms. Schlag’s design placed Jefferson’s portrait facing left in the center of the coin, with the word ‘LIBERTY’ and the date behind him.

On the coin’s reverse, the Jefferson home, Monticello, takes center stage. The original design proposed six steps in front of the building, but due to minting limitations, fewer steps were realized in the final product. Coins with five or six steps are relatively rare, which enhances their appeal to collectors and their overall value.

Decoding the 1970 s Nickel Error List: An Unusual Twist to the Tale

While the 1970 Jefferson Nickel is intriguing in its own right, it’s the error coins that really pique the interest of numismatists. Several errors can occur during the minting process, leading to unique variations that are prized by collectors. These errors are meticulously cataloged, forming what’s known as the 1970 s nickel error list.

One of the most popular error variations is the ‘Full Steps’ feature, which refers to the presence of complete steps on Monticello’s depiction on the coin’s reverse. A coin with this feature, especially those with five or six full steps, can be worth considerably more than their standard counterparts.

Other errors include the ‘mint mark error’, where coins from San Francisco mint with an ‘S’ mint mark error are particularly valuable. ‘Double Strike’ coins, where multiple imprints appear on the coin’s surface, are also sought after, as are ‘Doubled Die’ coins, where elements of the coin’s design appear doubled. ‘Clash Die’ coins, resulting from the obverse and reverse coin dies striking each other without a coin in between, are another unique error variant.

Final Thoughts

The 1970 Jefferson Nickel may be a common coin, but its potential for rare errors and variations make it a fascinating piece for collectors. While not every 1970 nickel will fetch a high price, those with the right conditions or the right errors can be incredibly valuable.

Moreover, these coins tell a story of American history and craftsmanship, from Felix Schlag’s original design to the steps of Monticello. Whether you’re an experienced collector or a novice, the 1970 Jefferson Nickel, with its rich history and potential for valuable errors, is undoubtedly a coin worth considering for your collection.

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