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Top Romantic Wedding Proposal Ideas That You Should Consider

April 8, 2022
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One of the most memorable moments in the life of every girl is the day she says “ I do” to the person she loves and plans to spend the rest of her life with. However, every guy is probably thinking of ten possible ways to make the moment mesmerizing and worth every second. If you happen to be the one asking the question and have no idea how to do it, we summed up a humble text on top romantic wedding proposals you might want to consider.

The first place you met

Yes, flashy and extravagant proposals are memorable as well, however, if your chosen one happens to be the “ sentimental” kind, she might be amazed by the idea. Think of the place you two first met, not went out on a date, rather met. The place where you asked her out, where you spent two hours talking and laughing. Take her to that special place, wake up those memories and make a daring proposal even in front of people if needed. Chances are she’ll say YES, and be astonished by the sight. You’ll show her that you do listen and remember stuff related to your relationship.

Mother nature

Being surrounded by the fresh breeze of air, trees, and songs of birds is the perfect atmosphere to make an attempt at proposing. Nature has a soothing effect on the soul, mind, and body. The breathtaking landscapes, the eye-catching views, and the smell of fresh air and pines are simply intoxicating. Make a little picnic, choose the right location (maybe even near a lake or river), look at the weather forecast, and wait for the sun to slowly go down. While the sky is smeared with the fire-red lines of the sinking sun, bend the knee and ask the question. Of course, you’ll have to pick the right ring as it is part of the whole presentation. You can go for any ring you prefer, a vast choice is available at the Blue Nile, from platinum to yellow gold and diamond. Think of it as a life investment as it will last her for decades to come, and be a constant reminder of your devotion, admiration, and love. A symbol of your dedication to spending the rest of your days together, therefore, make the right pick. It is always best to somehow go with their personality. If she prefers something minimalistic, you can choose thin rose gold rings with little and discreet diamonds, or maybe a flashy yellow gold with a big stone at the front. Whatever the case may be, when the timing is right and you say the words, she’ll be more than captured by the moment and say “yes”. Of course, spoil her with her favorite dessert and meal.

Sailing the ocean

This is only possible if you know how to sail, however, an alternative is going on a cruise with your loved one. The choice is up to you, as you can never go wrong with the blue sky above your hands, the fresh air tickling your hair, and the sound of the sea hitting the sides of the boat as it splits the waves in half. You can even recreate the scene of the “ Titanic”, with a little speech written, an ode to your everlasting love. Imagine you both sitting at the edge, letting the cold water lightly touch the tips of your toes, while you are handling the glass with a ring hidden in it. The moment could not be more perfect for the question, go for it and do not think of the consequences.

Gather the family

One daring proposal is getting the whole family together, hers and yours, and involving them in the whole ceremony. This is only suitable for unforgettable, Instagram-worthy proposals. You can throw in some balloons, play your favorite song, and some fireworks. It is always interesting when there is a twist to it, maybe play a little prank on her, maybe a breakup prank or something annoying, involve the other members of the family to make it more believable. In the end, reveal your true intentions and propose. She’ll hardly reject such an innovative and unique marriage proposal. If the weather is right, maybe some rain will add more appeal to the moment.

A simple living room proposal

This is the easiest and most affordable, yet one of the most romantic ways to propose. Decorate the walls of the living room with pictures of you together, as a reminder of all the memories you shared, you can even put them chronologically in a line and at the end add a little question mark to discreetly say “ what’s next”. Put a lot of candles everywhere, dim the lights, open the curtains or window to let some fresh air fill the space, and blindfold her until you arrive. Once you make the big reveal, bend down and ask her.

We hope you’ll find these ideas daring and interesting enough to try them out yourself.

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