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Top Aesthetic Improvements You Can Make To Your Home

February 15, 2023
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Updating your home’s interior can be a good way of boosting its value. People overlook the fact that houses with visually appealing interiors sell more than those that don’t. You can improve the way your house looks by buying new furniture, changing paint and wallpaper around, and adding window furnishings like plantation shutters or sashes. You should, of course, only add things that you like, however.

Do not feel pressured to conform to design styles that do not interest you just because they are popular with other people. This post will now tell you about some aesthetic improvements you can make, as long as you like them:

Backyard Decorations

If you are planning on redecorating your house then give some attention to your backyard too. Even if your property’s interior is grand and magnificent, a poorly designed garden will make you look careless and even lazy. You can pick up a concrete fountain for your home, pay for a landscaper’s help and clear away any weeds or overgrowth. These changes can all be effective ways of changing your yard’s dynamic and making it a more pleasant place to spend time. With the hottest summer on record expected to be just around the corner, there has never been a better time to make your yard habitable.

Expanding Property

Before covering interior design changes you can make it is first important to suggest adding an extension to your house; building an extension can be a highly effective way of increasing your property’s value. You do not need a building permit in most states as long as the extension is on the ground floor and does not extend beyond a specific width and length and you can build your own extension or hire a professional to do it for you instead.

Painting Inside

In the average house, walls are painted in the same color and sometimes the same paint as they were when they were first built or when the current owners moved in. Truthfully this is usually out of laziness rather than because homeowners like the color of their walls. Repainting your house can be a good way of adding charm and character to it, leaving your mark. You do not need to paint yourself as you can hire somebody to do it for you. Painting an entire house can be a chore.

Upgrading Flooring

Like with paint, the floors in the average person’s house are usually the same ones that were there when they first bought the place. People do not usually upgrade or change floors because they can be expensive to remove and replace. You usually need a large budget to be able to make any upgrades to the floors of your house. If budget is no issue then you should definitely consider replacing yours. Upgrading your floors like painting can be an effective way of leaving your mark on a house, making it more yours than the past owner’s.

Replacing Windows

Structural changes like removing windows can be a good way of improving your property’s design. The downside to removing windows is that you cannot usually do this yourself. You will likely also need a building permit as removing windows without care and attention could cause the walls of your house to collapse; knocking through windows is something that should be left to the professionals so that your home’s structural integrity isn’t damaged. Georgian-style windows are very popular as they are extremely beautiful and increase the value of houses in which they are installed in. Once you have replaced your windows you can then think about window furnishings.

Window Furnishings

In the last section, reference was made to window furnishings. In the average person’s house window furnishings consist entirely of cheap curtains made from synthetic materials usually purchased at their local grocery or department store. Why would you want to hang curtains of this kind from the windows of your house though? Window furnishings like plantation shutters or entirely natural curtains can be good ways of adding charm to your house. You do not need to spend a fortune on this kind of furnishing, you just need to shop carefully and buy stuff on the used market.

Buying Furniture

You will not be able to improve the design of your house unless you focus on buying new furniture. No matter what color you paint the walls of your house or how nice the curtains you buy using the same furniture will mean your property looks more or less the same. Buying new furniture can be intimidating as quality home furnishings cost a lot of money. You can save yourself money by buying stuff on the used market, ideally online. When you shop online you usually get buyer protection meaning you can return furniture even if the seller has their listing marked ‘No returns.’

Functional Rooms

When you are redecorating your house make sure that each room has a purpose. Do not be one of those people with seven sitting rooms and four dining halls. You only need one of these things, even if you live in a mansion. Ensure each room has a purpose that makes sense, i.e., build a library, home gym, and an indoor pool if you have the space and money. Giving each room a purpose will boost the value of your house and increase the enjoyment that you derive from it.

Building Permits

On an unrelated note make sure that you acquire building permits if you are going to make changes to the structure of your house or add an extension that’s more than two stories. Making changes to your house that require a building permit without getting one can get you into a lot of trouble. Your local government’s planning department will likely order you to tear down the changes you have made if they discover building work has taken place without first obtaining their permission. Permits are cheap and easy to apply for so there is no reason not to get them. If you encounter difficulty applying for a permit, reach out to your local government by email and ask for their guidance and advice; nobody is better to direct questions to than them.

Your house is yours, nobody else’s. You should therefore invest time and money into improving the way that it looks; if you do not then what’s the point in living there? Unless it feels like it belongs to you, you will not get as much enjoyment out of it as you potentially could.

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