Tips for Preparing Your Car for Nasty Weather

Tips for Preparing Your Car for Nasty Weather
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If you live somewhere that sees intense inclement weather, preparing your car is a must. In the spring, you still need to be cautious of lingering snow and freezing temperatures while also getting ready for rain and thunderstorms.

Luckily, you can take some preventative measures to avoid these issues. Here are some tips for preparing your car for nasty weather.

Take Your Car in for Maintenance

Before the bad weather hits, you should bring your car into your local auto shop to do some maintenance. Some services you should request include:

  • Install a new battery. Is your battery getting older? If so, then it may not last through extreme temperatures. You should have a battery at or above 600 CCA to survive the elements. You can have your auto shop check your battery’s charge to see if it’s up to par.
  • Check the brakes. Make sure that your brakes are in working order to avoid issues. The last thing you want is for your brakes to go south when the roads are caked in ice.
  • Cooling system. In the winter, you should have a ratio of 70/30 antifreeze to water. You may need to maintain this ratio for a while if cold weather continues well into spring in your area. To get more specific, ask your mechanic what they recommend for various weather conditions.

Watch Your Tire Pressure

Cold weather is notorious for lowering the PSI of your tires. Every temperature change of 10 degrees or more affects tire pressure. So, when it gets colder, you need to keep a close eye on your tire pressure. If you notice certain tires falling behind, give them a boost.

Keep Your Wiper Fluid Full

Winter can be especially harsh on your windshield, so your washer fluid level may be way low come spring. One bad storm can exhaust your entire supply. If another storm is on the horizon, make sure you refill your wiper fluid to stay safe on the road.

Closing Thoughts

These are our top tips for preparing your vehicle for nasty weather. Driving during the cold poses many challenges, but you should be fine if you do your due diligence. Remember to bring your car in for servicing, keep up with your tire pressure, and stay stocked up on wiper fluid.

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