Tips for Designing Your Home Conservatory

Tips for Designing Your Home Conservatory

February 5, 2021
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The addition of a conservatory adds beauty to your home and offers yourself, your family, and your guests an open and tranquil space to spend time. However, before you begin construction, there are several key design choices and tips for designing your home conservatory that should be considered.

Where You’ll Build It

This is the first question to answer: where is the optimal spot for your conservatory? Depending on your intended use, if you want it to serve as a secondary dining room, then a location close to the kitchen is preferred.

But if it is simply a getaway, not necessarily for any single purpose, then building it near a secluded part of the home may be ideal. It can be constructed far away from loud or high-traffic areas of the home for maximum peace.

Lighting Considerations

You may also want to consider where it is in relation to the sun. If you wish to have the most amount of natural light, then positioning it on the east or west side of the home will be best. It may receive less sunlight if it is built on the north or south-facing sides.

You also need to think about installing artificial lighting if you intend to use your conservatory during night-time hours. There are several factors that go into lighting design when it comes to your conservatory, and it’s best to lock down a plan sooner rather than later.

Size Considerations

If you need your conservatory to house many people for dining events or parties, then its size will need to grow accordingly. If your conservatory is only going to be a reading nook for a handful of people, then it doesn’t need to be the size of a living room.

But other size considerations also come into play when you are looking at the whole of the house. Will your conservatory look proportional to the surrounding area when compared to the home or garden? It can either look too large or too small depending on its surroundings, interfering with the aesthetics of the yard.

Will It Stand Up To the Elements Year-Round?

Each season requires different specifications to keep you and your guests comfortable. Making sure that your conservatory can stand up to these changing situations is a must if you intend to use it all year.

Summer Considerations

You have a few options for keeping your conservatory cool during the summer:

  • Installing blinds
  • Installing air conditioning
  • Increase ventilation

If you want some air conditioning in your conservatory, then choose a window cooler by

Winter Considerations

With winter, it can be a little more challenging to deal with the weather, but there are ways to circumvent the chill:

  • Making sure that doors and windows are properly sealed and insulated
  • Installing a heated floor

Don’t cut any corners or ignore the small details when designing your home conservatory. It is meant to be a place to relax, and neglecting details can make it less hospitable or uncomfortable for regular use.

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