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These Luxury Home Appliance Brands were Recommended as Most Useful

June 24, 2020
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There are a whole range of brands on this list that should serve every aspect of your home, so whether you are in the market for appliances or you are just browsing, these are the brands to keep your eye on.

Bathroom Butler

This product was recommended by Dessie Nikolova from Bathroom Butler

Owning a is one of the simple pleasures in life. It can be compared to the delight you feel when you step into an air-conditioned room out of the summer heat. But unlike an air-conditioner, the heated towel rack doesn’t heat the bathroom and it doesn’t warm your towels. The main purpose of a heated towel rail is to dry towels, keeping them more hygienic.

Very few people are aware of the number of germs and bacteria on towels. Experts say that there are 164,000 bacteria on a single square inch of an average towel. This is where a heated towel rack becomes very useful and necessary. It prevents 90% of bacteria, by simply keeping bath towels dry. Eliminating the environment germs love most – humid and dark places.

Jennair Warming Tray

This product was recommended by Stacie May from Lucky Watcher

A brand like Jennair exudes luxury. Their warming tray lives up to the hype, offering customers a variety of options for entertaining or personal use. The tray comes in a variety of materials and sizes to meet your individual kitchen’s needs. Use it for bread proofing, slow-roasting, and plate-warming. It’s luxury and convenience all wrapped up into one.

Curated Appliance Group

This product was recommended by Karen Betz from CuratedApplianceGroup

Walk-In Refrigerator & Freezers for the Home add amazing flexibility to your shopping and storing needs. Perfect for emergencies, severe weather, entertaining, holidays.


This product was recommended by Alexandra (Alex) Lashner from Frank Advertising

BLANCO is a leading global manufacturer that meticulously designs systems that enhance kitchen water hubs in residential homes. BLANCO water hub solutions integrate components above and below the sink – from the kitchen faucet all the way through to the base cabinet configuration – to create a self-contained unit.

As such, BLANCO systems make a significant contribution towards sustainably upgrading high-quality kitchens around the world with everyday convenience and benefits when it comes to preparing food, accessing drinking water and cleaning. The brand has won over consumers worldwide with its modern design, ergonomic handling and reliable product quality.

This year, BLANCO introduced the RIVANA faucet collection to its extensive line of statement-making options. Featuring modern, geometric styling with functionality home chefs will appreciate, the new BLANCO RIVANA collection includes semi-professional, pull-down and bar faucet options along with a coordinating soap dispenser.

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