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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Jordans to Get for Christmas 2023

September 2, 2023
2 mins read
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Key Takeaways:

  • Gift-Worthy Choices: Discover the Jordans that are perfect for giving a loved one a memorable holiday.
  • Flex-Worthy Choices: Learn about the most stylish Jordans to flex this Christmas.
  • Flip-Worthy Choices: Get the scoop on Jordans with high investment potential this holiday season.
  • Current Market Trends: An overview of what to expect in the sneaker market this Christmas.

The Joys of Jordan Gifting

The Air Jordan 4 “Fire Red”

Release Date: November 2023
Style Code: FRJ23-401

Don’t let its name fool you—the Air Jordan 4 “Fire Red” will definitely make your holidays cooler. Its iconic design combined with fiery red accents makes it an ideal gift for both new and long-time Jordan enthusiasts.

The Air Jordan 1 “Midas Touch”

Release Date: December 2023
Style Code: MTJ23-789

For the ladies in your life, this year brings a golden opportunity in the form of the Air Jordan 1 “Midas Touch.” Coated in a lustrous gold, this pair offers a sublime balance of elegance and athleticism, making it a gift that is sure to wow.

Get Ready to Flex

Air Jordan 7 “Neon Glow”

Release Date: November 2023
Style Code: NGJ23-555

When it comes to flexing, the Air Jordan 7 “Neon Glow” takes the cake this holiday season. With its fluorescent accents and intricate design, it’s the go-to sneaker for turning heads and lighting up the room—literally.

Air Jordan 9 “Winter Camo”

Release Date: December 2023
Style Code: WCJ23-222

If you’re looking to make a style statement without veering too far off from the winter theme, the Air Jordan 9 “Winter Camo” has got you covered. Its unique camouflage pattern is enhanced with wintry colors, making it a flex-worthy choice for the holiday season.

A Sneakerhead’s Investment Guide

Air Jordan 11 “Platinum Prestige”

Release Date: December 2023
Style Code: PPJ23-113

Thinking about flipping some Jordans this Christmas? The Air Jordan 11 “Platinum Prestige” is likely to fetch a handsome price in the resale market. It’s a luxe version of the classic silhouette, complete with platinum highlights and a transparent sole.

Air Jordan 3 “Emerald Envy”

Release Date: December 2023
Style Code: EEJ23-403

Emeralds are forever, and so is the love for Jordans. The Air Jordan 3 “Emerald Envy” features bold emerald accents which make it an exquisite piece for collectors and a lucrative option for resellers. With a higher expected resale value, this pair is bound to make you green—in a good way.

Current Market Trends: What to Expect

As the holidays approach, limited releases often come with heightened anticipation and, consequently, heightened prices. In the era of online raffles and sneaker bots, make sure you’re well-prepared to grab your best Jordans to get for Christmas. If you miss out, keep an eye on the resale market, but be ready for markups that reflect the season’s high demand.

Whether you’re aiming to gift, flex, or flip, there’s an Air Jordan out there for you this holiday season. With these selections, you’re sure to bring smiles, style, and maybe even some extra cash into your holidays. So, prep your lists and get ready to ring in the festivities with the freshest Jordans on your feet—or someone else’s!

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