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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Travel Trailer for a Family of 3 in 2023

July 18, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  1. Choosing the right travel trailer involves consideration of size, GVWR, tongue weight, and floor plan.
  2. The best travel trailer for a family of 3 must include family-friendly features such as spacious kitchens, comfortable seating, and sufficient outdoor storage.
  3. GVWR and tongue weight significantly impact the type of vehicle capable of towing the trailer.
  4. Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC) is vital, especially for families, as it dictates the amount of stuff that can be accommodated.
  5. Select travel trailers stand out in 2023 due to their thoughtful design and features that cater specifically to the needs of a family of three.

What Makes a Travel Trailer Ideal for Families?

Unlike their motorized counterparts, travel trailers offer a distinct advantage for families – their towability. These trailers, often referred to as “bumper pulls,” attach to the rear bumper of a towing vehicle, making them easily movable. This ability to “hitch and go” coupled with a broad range of sizes and designs makes travel trailers a favored choice among families.

In 2023, family-friendly travel trailers have seen significant advancements. With many incorporating innovative designs, the best travel trailer for a family of 3 must be chosen with care, taking into account specific factors.

Considerations When Selecting the Best Travel Trailer for a Family of 3

When looking for a travel trailer for a family of 3, it’s crucial to consider several factors, including the trailer’s size, weight, and floor plan. These considerations will not only affect your travel experience but also impact the kind of tow vehicle required.

Size and Weight

The length of a travel trailer directly correlates to its interior space. For a family of 3, having a bit more room can mean the difference between comfort and chaos. The trailer’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) and tongue weight are also critical considerations, as they influence the towing capacity required of your vehicle.


An appropriate floorplan is integral to a comfortable living experience in a travel trailer. Consider the number and configuration of sleeping spaces, storage areas for personal belongings and toys, and whether there’s a dedicated workspace if required.

Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC)

The CCC denotes how much weight you can add to the trailer without surpassing its GVWR. For families, this is a critical factor as it affects the amount of gear, personal belongings, and essentials that can be packed for the trip.

Top 3 Family-Friendly Travel Trailer Models for 2023

Now, let’s delve into three of the best family-friendly travel trailers available in 2023, each showcasing a unique blend of comfort, functionality, and family-friendly features.

1. Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS

The Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS offers plenty of space and amenities for a comfortable family getaway. With a length of 37 feet, 4 inches, a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 11,295 lbs, and a Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC) of 1,863 lbs, this model is roomy yet manageable. What sets this apart is the very family-friendly floorplan, which includes a bunk room for the kids, a kitchen island, ample counter space, and a massive 16 cubic-foot refrigerator to accommodate everyone’s needs. This unit also features an outdoor kitchen and TV hookup, inviting you to enjoy the outdoors as part of the living space. An exciting addition in this model is a washer/dryer, making it an excellent choice for longer trips. Its suggested retail price is $80,429.

2. Grand Design Imagine 3210BH

The Imagine 3210BH by Grand Design is another remarkable family camper trailer, boasting a rear bunk room, kitchen island, substantial counter space, and an outdoor griddle. At 36 feet, 11 inches in length with a GVWR of 10,195 lbs and a CCC of 1,801 lbs, this trailer has the unique feature of a large living room seating area, perfect for family movie nights. Additionally, its rear baggage door offers increased storage for camping gear, ensuring everyone can bring their favorite items along. The MSRP for this model is $65,451.

3. Keystone Cougar 30BHS

The Keystone Cougar 30BHS, measuring 34 feet, 5 inches long with a GVWR of 9,500 lbs and a CCC of 2,161 lbs, features double-over-double bunk beds located behind the booth dinette. This clever design is a great choice for weekend trips without the need for an additional bunk room. Additional features include an L-shaped dinette that seats several people comfortably, a tri-fold sleeper sofa, and generous pass-thru storage and a cargo door at the rear for camping gear. This model has a suggested retail price of $63,113.

4. Forest River Cherokee 294GEBG

Ideal for smaller families, the Forest River Cherokee 294GEBG offers a queen loft bed above a smaller bunk, an innovative solution for space utilization. The trailer’s length is 36 feet, 8 inches, with a GVWR of 10,985 lbs and a CCC of 4,007 lbs. An U-shaped dinette and sofa provide enough seating, while the outdoor kitchen and TV hookup invite the family to enjoy outdoor living. This model’s rear storage rack is a superb feature for transporting additional cargo or a generator. The MSRP for this model is around $57,000.

5. Jayco White Hawk 32BH

The Jayco White Hawk 32BH stands out with its extra half bath, making it the only model on this list to include this feature. It measures 38 feet in length, with a GVWR of 9,995 lbs and a CCC of 1,815 lbs. The spacious rear bunk room features an entertainment center, perfect for older kids, while the slide-out area in the bunk room adds extra space. There’s also a large tri-fold sofa, so everyone can gather comfortably for a family movie night. The MSRP for this model starts at $52,497.

6. Jayco Jay Feather 30QB

The Jayco Jay Feather 30QB is the most budget-friendly option on this list, starting at $40,485. Despite being the most lightweight option with a GVWR of 8,500 lbs and a CCC of 1,235 lbs, it does not compromise on features. The bunk room in this model has a unique L-shaped configuration with an entertainment center and wardrobe. The L-shaped kitchen and huge U-shaped dinette provide ample counter space and seating for a large family. The roomy tri-fold sofa adds an extra touch of comfort.

7. Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Bunk

A symbol of quality and craftsmanship, the Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Bunk is an investment that can serve your family for decades. It measures 30 feet, 10 inches, with a GVWR of 8,800 lbs and a CCC of 2,128 lbs. The twin bunk over the queen bunk provides ample sleeping space, even without slides. The U-shaped dinette and sofa ensure everyone has a personal space. The MSRP for this high-quality trailer is $124,500.

Family-Friendly Features

For a memorable camping experience, certain features are indispensable in a family travel trailer. A large, functional kitchen, ample seating, and generous outdoor storage are just a few elements to look for when choosing the best travel trailer for your family.


Choosing the best travel trailer for a family of 3 might seem challenging, given the multitude of options. However, with careful consideration of factors like size, weight, floor plan, CCC, and family-friendly features, you can make a selection that ensures a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience. Remember, the best travel trailer is one that not only meets your family’s needs but also feels like a home away from home.

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