The Outlierman Celebrates Romance Of Grand Touring With New Luxury Lining Of Exquisite Luggage And Accessories

November 3, 2020
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  • Bologna-based luxury brand, The Outlierman, launches all-new ‘Outlierman’s Roads’ pattern lining to complement a selection of beautiful handcrafted items from The Outlierman collection
  • The all-new lining pattern features in the ‘Full-grain Leather Document Case’ and the ‘Full-grain Leather Weekender Garment Bag’
  • The all-new lining pattern captures the unique character of The Outlierman’s style, in a dynamic, cinematic-style view
  • ‘Outlierman’s Roads’ pattern lining pays the tribute to the ultimate interiors and exteriors of automotive legends
  • 100% cotton drill fabric has been brought to life by the Italian company’s in-house artisans
  • The Outlierman is an Italian company that creates luxury automotive accessories for driving enthusiasts
  • Designed with passion and handcrafted by elite artisans – 100% made in Italy

(Bologna, 3 November 2020) Driven by an enduring passion to create exciting new accessories to celebrate the romance of the open road, The Outlierman is proud to announce the launch of ‘Outlierman’s Roads’ pattern lining.

The ‘Outlierman’s Roads’ pattern encompasses the definitive elements of The Outlierman style in a dynamic, almost cinematic view. Classic car icons, driving passion and the ‘gentleman driver’ style essentials meet in a vibrant design, full of details, that capture the emotion and essence of driving the world’s most iconic cars in stunning locations. 

This exquisitely detailed lining is made from 100% cotton drill fabric, carefully crafted by The Outlierman’s experts in Italy. Soft to the touch, yet with a strong, highly-durable texture, the ‘Outlierman’s Roads’ pattern lining is ready for the most adventurous of grand tours for years to come. 

The vibrant and effortlessly timeless lining features across collection favourites such as The Outlierman Full-grain Leather Document Case and the Full-grain Leather Weekender Garment Bag. The all-new lining will also be launched in the Full-grain Leather Travel Case in the coming months.

Full-grain Leather Document Case

Class and practicality at the service of style. The Document Case is designed to distinctively hold everything that can clutter the hands or pockets of owners: from keys to smartphones, from tablets to wallets, from glasses to neckties and driving gloves. Equipped with a double internal compartment, zip closure and an external handle that allows for a more comfortable grip, the Document Case derives from a careful design that combines refined details and finishings with the functionality of space capable of expanding without losing the elegance of its shape. A result achieved through the use of fine full-grain leather hand-stitched by master craftsmen, coupled with a 100% cotton drill inner lining featuring ‘Outlierman’s Roads’ pattern: a tribute to the interior and exterior colours of legendary classic cars. The all-new ‘Outlierman’s Roads’ lining will feature in cases of all colours in the Document Case range, including British green over tan and blue over tan. 

Full-grain Leather Weekender Garment bag

Meanwhile, the ‘Weekender Garment Bag’ is perfect for transcending an individual’s distinctive style while travelling, whether that be along the glistening sands of the Amalfi Coast or across the dizzying heights of the Swiss Alps. Thanks to a zipper that runs around the entire perimeter of the bag, the interior can be fully exposed, providing the perfect opportunity to show-off the finest details of the all-new ‘Outlierman’s Roads’ lining. Additionally, upon opening the bag, the owner is welcomed by functional interior pockets as well as being equipped with two detachable hangers and a zip closure to simply place clothes and accessories. Enhanced by the latest ‘Outlierman’s Roads’ pattern lining, the ‘Weekender Garment Bag’ captures the perfect combination of driving passion and functionality and is the ultimate tribute to the interiors and exteriors of legendary classic cars. The all-new pattern will feature in bags including coloured blue over tan, red over black, black over red and yellow over black.

Andrea Mazzuca, founder of The Outlierman, said: “I’m very proud to share with our customers our all-new, beautiful and elegant lining pattern, ‘Outlierman’s Roads’. Carefully curated by our talented in-house design team in Italy, this new distinguished design encapsulates the key elements of The Outlierman whilst reflecting the finest interiors and exteriors of the world’s most iconic classic cars.”

The Outlierman company was formed with a mission to handcraft a range of accessories inspired by the breath-taking beauty, supreme quality and timeless appeal of the world’s most iconic cars.

The latest Outlierman products can be found here.

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