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The Macallan 39 Whiskey Price and the World’s Most Expensive Whiskies

September 10, 2023
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Key takeaways:

  • The world of whiskey is home to some truly exceptional and rare bottles, often fetching astonishing prices at auctions.
  • Macallan, known for its fine collection, has several entries on the list of the most expensive whiskies.
  • The Macallan 39 whiskey price remains a topic of interest for whiskey enthusiasts and collectors.
  • Other prestigious whiskies, such as Glenfiddich, Dalmore, and Glenfarclas, also feature prominently among the most expensive bottles.
  • The uniqueness, age, limited production, and historical significance of these whiskies contribute to their high prices.

Unveiling the World’s Most Expensive Whiskies

Whiskey aficionados and collectors worldwide appreciate the allure and craftsmanship behind rare and exceptional bottles of whiskey. Some of these prized bottles have reached astronomical prices at auctions, making them highly sought after by enthusiasts and investors alike. In this article, we explore the realm of high-end whiskies and shine a spotlight on the Macallan 39 whiskey price and other remarkable selections that have achieved staggering values.

Macallan 1946: A Charitable Triumph ($460,000)

One of the most celebrated entries on the list is the Macallan 1946, a single malt whiskey presented in a Lalique Cire Perdue decanter. This extraordinary bottle, sold at an auction in 2010, fetched an astounding $460,000. Its unique character lies in the fact that it was produced using peated malt due to the skyrocketing prices of coal during World War II. The Macallan 1946 remains a classic and one of the finest releases by the renowned Macallan distillery.

Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955: A Tribute to History ($94,000)

Glenfiddich, another revered name in the whiskey world, makes an appearance with the Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955. Crafted from a barrel of Scotch whiskey that had aged since New Year’s Eve of 1955, this special release pays homage to Janet Sheed Roberts, the granddaughter of Glenfiddich’s founder, William Grant. With only 15 bottles created, one fortunate connoisseur from Atlanta acquired a bottle at the price of $94,000, ensuring its place among the world’s most expensive whiskies.

Macallan 1926: The Vintage Rarity ($75,000)

Steeped in history, the Macallan 1926 is a prominent member of the distillery’s esteemed Fine and Rare collection. Distilled in 1926 and bottled only in 1986, this whiskey has a fascinating journey spanning six decades. With only 40 bottles ever produced, the Macallan 1926 offers a rare opportunity to taste a dry and concentrated spirit that hasn’t been diluted with water.

Dalmore 62 Single Highland Malt Scotch Matheson: Elegance in a Bottle ($58,000)

Dalmore, a distillery known for its refined creations, presents the Dalmore 62 Single Highland Malt Scotch Matheson. In 1942, only 12 bottles were produced, each named after a unique and relevant aspect of the Dalmore Estate. Among them, the Matheson bottle holds the title for the most expensive. Priced at $58,000, this whiskey embodies the legacy of Alexander Matheson, the estate’s owner, in every precious drop.

Glenfiddich 1937: Aged to Perfection ($20,000)

The Glenfiddich 1937 is a whiskey that captures the essence of its rich heritage. Distilled in 1937, this Scottish treasure was left to mature gracefully until it was finally bottled in 2001. With only 61 bottles ever produced, the Glenfiddich 1937 delights the senses with its deep walnut color and a flavor profile that intertwines notes of cedar, cinnamon, cloves, and toffee.

Macallan 55-Year-Old: Aged in Elegance ($12,500)

Another noteworthy creation from Macallan, the Macallan 55-Year-Old, showcases the beauty of a whiskey aged for over half a century. Distilled in a sherry oak barrel, this single malt whiskey acquired depth and complexity throughout its 55-year journey. Bottled in a Lalique Crystal Decanter, it stands as a testament to the artistry of Rene Lalique, who crafted a similar perfume bottle in 1910.

Dalmore 50-Year-Old: A Crystal Elixir ($11,000)

The Dalmore 50-Year-Old is a whiskey that commands attention and admiration. First distilled in 1920 and then bottled in 1978, this extraordinary spirit spent five decades maturing into an unrivaled gem. With a limited production of only 60 bottles, the Dalmore 50-Year-Old resides in exquisite crystal decanters, adding to its allure and exclusivity.

Glenfarclas 1955: A Toast to Tradition ($10,878)

In 1955, George Grant, honoring his ancestor who established the Glenfarclas Distillery, handpicked a barrel to commemorate the family’s legacy. Bottled in 2005, the Glenfarclas 1955 embodies the spirit of celebration and pays tribute to the distillery’s enduring heritage. Its price tag of $10,878 reflects its esteemed position among the world’s most expensive whiskies.

Macallan 1939: A Fine and Rare Treasure ($10,125)

The Macallan 1939, part of the Fine and Rare collection, represents the distillery’s dedication to producing exceptional whiskies. Bottled in 1979 after 40 years of aging, this whiskey is housed in a classic Lalique crystal decanter. With its rich history and extraordinary quality, the Macallan 1939 commands a significant presence in the whiskey world.

Chivas Regal Royal Salute 50-Year-Old: Fit for Royalty ($10,000)

To commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s golden jubilee in 2002, Chivas Regal released a masterpiece known as the Chivas Regal Royal Salute. Aged for 50 years, mirroring the queen’s ascension to the throne in 1952, this special whiskey stands as a testament to tradition and elegance. Crafted with utmost care and respect, the Chivas Regal Royal Salute is a symbol of regal sophistication.

Conclusion: Appreciating the Priceless Whiskies

The Macallan 39 whiskey price may intrigue whiskey enthusiasts, but it represents just one facet of the extraordinary world of high-end whiskies. The top 10 most expensive whiskies offer a glimpse into the rarities, craftsmanship, and historical significance associated with these remarkable bottles. From Macallan’s prized releases to Glenfiddich’s homage to family heritage and Dalmore’s elegant creations, each whiskey tells a unique story. For those fortunate enough to savor these treasures, it becomes a truly remarkable and unforgettable experience, as these whiskies are not just drinks but exquisite works of art.

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