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The Luxury Bedding Brands Providing Ultimate Comfort

April 1, 2020
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A luxury lifestyle revolves around the little things that add up to produce an un-rivalled feeling of completeness. Bedding is just one of those things that, once perfected, you can never revert back to a mainstream product.

These brands employ the highest standards to eliminate any imperfections. For something that supports your sleep, this is extremely important. A higher quality sleep is something we’d pay anything for. Definitely an underrated way to upgrade your life!


This product was recommended by Keith Cushner from Tuck

These are truly great beds at a very reasonable price point which is why I’m putting them at the top of my list. Winkbeds also offers a memory foam (memorylux) and latex hybrid (ecocloud) and their whole offering is aimed at the luxury market and delivers big time!

Brooklyn Bedding

This product was recommended by Keith Cushner from Tuck

Brooklyn Bedding is not only a mattress brand but also a manufacturer with one of the best facilities I’ve seen in the US. They offer a complete range of mattress types, have some of the best customer service in the segment, and their highest end beds (like the Spartan and Bloom) are some of the most comfortable beds we’ve tested.

TRU Lite Bedding

This product was recommended by Debbie Koke from Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC

TRUBlanket LUX, a luxurious weighted blanket designed to promote relaxation—and a better night’s sleep. Infused with real glass beads, TRUBlanket is called the “Happiness Blanket” (which is embroidered on the blanket’s plush removable cover!) as it can support bringing happiness back into life! Used as a throw or sleeping blanket, TRUBlanket feels like you’re getting a full-body hug, which is ideal for helping the body naturally unwind.

Mom will benefit from the therapeutic effects as studies show that a weighted blanket can help reduce stress, anxiety, muscle aches, insomnia, and other issues. TRUBlanket has a Minky softcover; and a breathable 400 thread-count cotton inner blanket. Both are machine washable. High-quality stitching and 4-inch pockets prevent beads from shifting. TRUBlanket comes in both 15 and 20-pound weights. Additional covers are sold separately and come in a choice of colors and embroidery: navy or beige with “Happiness” embroidery, or white with “Love” embroidery.

Go Rest

This product was recommended by Tiger Phan from Go Rest

Go Rest specializes in retailing quality sleep related products online, including mattresses, toppers and pillows to the North American market. We are the best brand as we does not believe in sacrificing quality to maintain a certain price range. Instead, we take the approach of concentrating on quality and customer service first. We sell products that are highly functional and created using the world’s finest materials.

ED by Ellen

This product was recommended by Kristi Gulino from Sage Hill Public Relations

These ED Ellen DeGeneres linens are made from a unique blended yarn called linacel that combines linen with lyocell, an eco-friendly man-made fiber that creates a strong, lightweight fabric with natural softness and breathability for extra comfort. The pieces in this collection are garment enzyme washed, which enhances the visual interest of the linen weave and contributes to the soft hand.

Vera Wang Grisaille Weave Bedding Collection

This product was recommended by Kristi Gulino from Sage Hill Public Relations

Soothing neutrals and rippling textures characterize the sophisticated contemporary look of Vera Wang’s gorgeous Grisaille Weave bedding collection. About: Vera Wang collections are positioned at the highest end of the luxury market. Driven by artistic, modern and luxurious design and style.Her design vocabulary resonates with signature layering, intricate draping, and exquisite attention to detail, all of which are reflected in her approach to designing for the home.

Nautica – Hampton Comforter Set

This product was recommended by Kristi Gulino from Sage Hill Public Relations

The simple, yet elegant waffle stripe texture in crisp white feels cool and inviting. Pre-washed for added softness. About: Nautica Home is inspired by the colors, textures and heritage of our American coastlines. Luxurious cottons and textiles are drawn from the stripes and patterns of our iconic sportswear apparel.

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